If You Stick to One Resolution—Make It This

Stop doing this!

Out of all the new year's resolutions you may actually stick to, make makeup removal one of them. We’ve all definitely indulged in this at some point, but dozing in your foundation, eye makeup, and lipstick can seriously take a toll on the health of your skin. Here are a few truths you should know.

1. Foundation is the worst makeup to sleep in

Foundation can cause acne flare-ups and fine lines if it's not removed properly. Even worse, if it's oil-based. It can age you significantly quicker if it's not removed properly everyday. 

Use micellar water to wash away your face makeup–it's gentle for all skin types. This is what Influensters recommend.

Simple cleansing water

Product: Simple Micellar Water ($10)


micellar water


2. Sleeping in eye makeup can ruin lashes

Leftover mascara can cause eyelashes to become brittle, break easily, and even shed faster. If you're wondering why you woke up with an irritation, your left-on eyeliner is probably the culprit.  

Opt for a gentle eye makeup remover that's Influenster-approved. 

Lancôme Effacil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Product: Lancôme Effacil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover ($30)

3. Sleeping in lipstick will make your lips chapped

The skin around your lips can clog if you don't properly remove lipstick. And if we had to guess, your go-to lippie probably makes your lips dry toward the end of the day. Apply a hydrating lip balm to help bring back the moisture after you remove your makeup.



What products do you turn to for removing makeup? Tell us in the comments below!

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