Recipe: A Protein-Forward Candy Bites Dip to Pair with Fruit

Sweet, simple, and packed with protein 

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

If you're looking for a sweet addition to fresh fruit, or a quick way to spice up some pretzels, try this Candy Bites Dip recipe from Quest Nutrition. Perfect for a family-friendly snack or as an addition to a party tray, this five-minute recipe is infinitely customizable to taste and ingredients. 

Ingredients for Gooey Caramel Candy Bites Dip

Recipe Directions

  1. Add yogurt (1 cup) to a mixing bowl
  2. Add in the protein powder and peanut butter (1 tbsp)
  3. Mix until fully combined
  4. Add in 3/4 of the chopped candy bites.
  5. Stir to combine.
  6. Transfer to a serving dish (if you'd like)
  7. Top with remaining candy bites and serve with your favorite fruit

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