Pawsome Purina Products That'll Make Your Four-Legged Friends Love You Fur-Ever

Say farewell to pawful food for your pets

Minka M.
ByMinka M.

National Pet Day may be behind us, but if you’re a pet owner, every day is a celebration of your furry, four-legged friends. Pets bring so much joy into our lives and make our days that much brighter—especially this past year—that we owe it to them to put the healthiest, most nutrient-rich food in their bowls.

To share our appreciation for our cuddly friends and their owners, we wanted to show off some pawsome Purina puppy and kitten products made with natural ingredients—that’s right, no artificial flavors—that promote healthy growth, brain development and a strong immune system for your puppy or kitten to get them started out right. Here are some of the deliciously healthy pet-food products we're loving.



Pro Plan Kitten Chicken and Rice Dry Cat Food


The high-protein formula with real chicken contains DHA that for healthy vision and brain development, live probiotics to support immune and digestive health, and calcium and phosphorus that are essential for teeth and bone health. Rich with antioxidants, this formula is designed to help your kitten thrive.



Purina ONE Healthy Puppy Formula


This high-protein kibble includes an antioxidant blend of zinc, selenium and vitamins A and E to promote a strong immune system, calcium and phosphorus to support growing bones, and omega-6 fatty acids that help maintain your puppy’s healthy skin and coat. Each serving is made with real chicken and 0% fillers to give your four-legged friend a healthy start in life.



Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula


This high-protein recipe for your kitten is packed with real chicken, grains and accents of real vegetables, including real carrots and peas. The DHA-packed formula supports brain and vision development, growing muscles and healthy skin and a soft coat. Best of all is the enticing texture of the crunchy kitten kibble, which also helps reduce plaque buildup to keep your kittens’ teeth spotless.


Puppy Chow Complete with Real Chicken and Rice


Specifically formulated with puppies under one year, this tasty kibble is packed with 100% puppy-essential nutrients, real chicken and DHA from fish oil to ensure you furry friend grows nice and strong!


Beneful Healthy Puppy with Farm-Raised Chicken



This nutritiously balanced, calcium-rich recipe specially crafted for puppies includes and farm-raised chicken, accents of real peas and carrots, DHA and 23 essential vitamins and minerals to give your furry friend the strong muscles and bones needed to explore the world.


Pro Plan Puppy Shredded Blend Chicken and Rice Formula

Packed with DHA-filled fish oil for cognitive development, calcium and phosphorous to grow strong teeth and bones, and lean chicken for a toned and healthy body. This tasty antioxidant-rich, dual-textured formula is sure to keep your pup satisfied and away from the human-dinner table when it’s time to eat.


Purina Kitten Chow Nurture


This 100% balanced recipes helps your miniature friend get the essential nutrients needed for a strong and healthy future. Made with real farm-raised chicken for high protein and DHA for healthy vision and brain development, this kitten kibble is your kittens’ first steps to a happy life full of adventure.


🐾 If you're a pet owner, let us know what you're feeding your four-legged buddy in the comments below! 🐾