Purina’s Purple Leash Project is Helping Curb Domestic Violence in a Pet-Friendly Way

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Did you know that one in three women and one in four men experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetime? Over 70% of women in domestic violence shelters report their abuser threatened, injured, or killed a pet as a means of control. Sadly, only as few of 10% of domestic violence shelters allow pets. As a result, nearly half of victims choose to stay in abusive situations rather than leave their pet behind. With domestic violence cases continuing to rise, especially during the pandemic, Purina is stepping up this May for National Pet Month to shine a light on the issue and lend a paw— but they can’t do it on their own. That’s where the Purple Leash Project comes in:


What’s the Purple Leash Project?

Launched 7 years ago by Purina and the nonprofit, RedRover, the Purple Leash Project serves the needs of not only domestic violence survivors - but their pets too - by awarding grants to help shelters become pet-friendly. By training volunteers to help with transformations and offer support to survivors, the initiative aims to ease trauma and bring owners and their pets from crisis to care.


Represented by purple, the color of domestic violence awareness, and a leash symbolizing the unbreakable bond between domestic violence victims and their supportive pets, the Purple Leash Project has already made significant progress. Most notably is the founding of the PAWS Act Coalition in support of the Pets and Women Safety (PAWS) Act, which helps domestic abuse victims and their pets by advocating for federal resources dedicated to this cause. In addition, the project has helped nearly two dozen domestic violence shelters in the U.S. become pet-friendly, building momentum for others to follow in their path.


In honor of National Pet Month, Purina and its team of brands are on track to exceed their goal of $1 million in donations committed to their partner RedRover in support of the Purple Leash Project. In addition, Purina hopes to transform 25% of U.S. domestic violence shelters into pet-friendly ones by 2025.


Get Involved and Join the Fight Against Domestic Violence

With such ambitious goals that benefit humans and animals, it’s going to take a village. Here are some ways you can contribute and make a direct impact to this inspiring project:


Shop Purple

During National Pet Month, look for specially marked Purina packages or in-store signage at your favorite retailer to learn more about the Purple Leash Project. Together, we can bring awareness and help domestic abuse survivors and their pets heal. You can shop Purina products including Cat Chow, Beggin, Tidy Cats and Beneful at local retailers including Walmart, Target, BJ’s, Kroger, Chewy.com and more!



The Purple Leash Project is made possible in partnership with the team at RedRover, who have worked tirelessly to bring animals and their owners from crisis to care. Donate to RedRover in support of the Purple Leash Project and help us continue our mission. Click here to make a donation.



From passing legislation to issuing grants for shelters, Purina is committed to keeping survivors and pets together. There is still more to be done though, and you can help through volunteering to become a RedRover Responder and help people and pets survive and thrive. Click here to become a volunteer.


Will you be helping the cause? We hope so!

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