Pro Tips for Last Minute Shoppers

Holiday shopping might still be on your do to list...well, if you are a procrastinator like myself, it definitely is still on your to do list. Getting gifts last-minute can put an added stress on your holidays that you don't want or need. Fear not procrastinators, here are some key tips to help you keep your sanity (and wallet) in check when doing your last-minute shopping.


1. Keep it Simple.

Don't try and get everyone on your list something that is sooo unqiue. Keep it simple. If it's something you know they'll enjoy, go for it. Don't overcomplicate by saying, "I'll come back and get this if the next store doesn't have something better." If you see something they like, get it.


2. Don't fear repeat gifts.

Sometimes people are against getting the same gift for different people. However, when you think a gift is perfect for more than one person, why not get it for both? There's no harm in getting two people the same gift if it is thoughtful and you think they will both appreciate it. Choosing varying colors and styles can also be helpful in this instance to differntiate.


3. Go to stores with lots of options.

Give yourself the highest possible chance of success by going to a department store or a marketplace with lots of options. The more gifts there are to choose from, the higher chance you have of finding one that works. It's that simple! Having too much to choose from is a good problem to have. Getting the gifts for everyone on your list really helps speed things up, too!


4. Buy universal gifts.

Don't feel like you have to pick something super specific for each person on your list. Buying gender neutral or universal gifts can be an easy way to shop. When you buy gifts that can fit several personalities, you give yourself the flexibility to decide later who gets what.



5. Do something.

Instead of focusing on WHAT you can buy someone try and think of something you can DO together. Maybe you plan a fun day full of winter activities, or plan a date to cook dinner together, take a dance class, go to a fitness class together, or something else that would suit their interests.  It can be anything! This is an easy way to give a personalized and thoughtful gift without even needing to go to the store.


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