Our PÖRQ Snacks VoxBox Takes Snacking To A New – And Healthier – Level

The perfect go-to for all snack fans

Desiree K.
ByDesiree K.

Let ́s be honest: We all love a yummy snack here and there. Snacking helps you get through the day, so going for healthy options is even better. Healthy and delicious? Impossible...you might think. Our PÖRQ Snacks VoxBox is here to prove you wrong! PÖRQ’s crispy, flavorful snacks pair delicious taste with the unique, airy crispness of chicharrones. These snacks are made from premium rinds and are inspired by the flavors from top kitchens. Perfect for everyone following a low-carb lifestyle, the products are gluten free, have 0 total carbs as well as trans fat and 40% reduced Sodium than other leading pork rind brands. Hungry yet? Check out what 's in the box:

BBQ and Zesty ChipotleCombines the smoky sweetness of BBQ brown sugar with the tangy heat of chipotle peppers.

Smoky Black Pepper and Sea SaltA smoky flavor with spicy notes of black pepper and the crunch of sea salt.

Fine Herbs and VinaigretteThe freshness of basil, savory and parsley as well as a hint of vinegar and olive oil complement the natural flavor of pork rinds.



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