This Product Keeps Kim K-Style Platinum Hair Healthy

And it's $20.

ByCaitlin M.

Blondes might have more fun, but if that golden hue just happens to be courtesy of a box or salon, said blondes also have to deal with a little not-so fun situations. Not only is the upkeep a job, but the damage that can result from a blonde dye job is a battle in and of itself. If there's anyone who knows the struggle well it's Kim Kardashian, who just recently bleached her dark brown locks an icy platinum. 

Although the look is Mother of Dragons chic, it can be quite damaging. But we just learned of the exact treatment Kim Kardashian turned to for revitalizing her mane. And the best part? It's only $22 at the drugstore!

nexxus emergencee hair treatment
Courtesy Nexxus

The Nexxus Emergencée Reconstructing Treatment ($21.99 at Ulta) is an elastin protein and marine collagen-infused treatment that helps hair regain strength and health, which is important if you're rocking Kim K-style bleached hair as bleach can weaken the proteins and bonds in hair! Although Kim got her treatment the #fancy way by hitting us the Nexxus salon in NYC, you can quite easily give yourself the salon treatment at home with the kit. Simply wash hair with your shampoo (the brand recommends the Emergencée Rebalancing Shampoo!) followed by the treatment, which you leave on for up to five minutes. Then shampoo again and use the Restoring Conditioner or your conditioner!

But you don't have to have platinum hair to reap the benefits of Emergencée. Those who suffer damage from heat styling and products are also prime candidates for the treatment.

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