We're Ending the Zodiac Calendar Year With a Bang—It's Officially Pisces Season

Complicated much?

Minka M.
ByMinka M.

The astronomical calendar year ends with the 12th constellation, Pisces. The water sign’s symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, which many believe represents the constant division of a Pisces’ ability to pay attention to fantasy and reality. Unlike fellow water signs Scorpio and Cancer, Pisceans are known to laid back and friendly, giving them the ability to make friends and unique connection wherever they go—but, at times, that comes at a cost.

Characterized as one of the most tolerant, generous and compassionate signs in the zodiac, Pisces often struggle to keep the emotions of others separate from their own, resulting in high stress and anxiety. In order to escape harsh realities, Pisceans use their extremely creative-artistic side to build an alternate reality, which removes them from the real world.

Dates: February 19 - March 20
Element: Water
Symbol: Fish
Planet: Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, fantasy and spirituality
Gemstones: Aquamarine. Other stones include Jasper, Ruby, Bloodstone and Amethyst
Lucky Colors: Sea green and aqua
Pisces Positive Traits: Empathetic, artistic, imaginative, intuitive, compassionate
Pisces Less Desirable Traits: Impressionable, emotional, escapist, moody, overly sensitive 

What Pisceans should avoid this season: 

  • Creating fantasies and illusions that are not entirely in-line with reality. While it’s important to stay creative, fantasies can end up distorting reality and can result in a negative impact on the emotions of a Pisces.
  • Indulging in escapist methods such as the consumption of coffee, alcohol, or any addictive behavior that may be overstimulating. Stay neutral in order to keep a healthy balance to the mind, body and soul.
  • Being susceptible to the emotions of others. If someone you know is an argument or expressing negativity, remember that your emotions are yours alone and are not connected to theirs.

What to focus on instead:

  • When seeking a more existential experience, turn to deep breathing, yoga, meditation and connecting to nature, especially water.
  • Use your creative and artistic side to create goals that will make a positive impact on yourself and others.
  • Expand your mind and discover new films, music and art that inspires you and gets you excited about your future.
  • Show yourself the compassion you have shown others.

Essentials Inspired by the Piscean Gemstone:
Being that Pisces is a water sign whose symbol is fish, the Aquamarine Stone speaks best to the sign. The stone is known for healing the heart and mind, controlling temper in difficult situations, relieving stress and anxiety, and helping control the many emotions of the Pisces. Keep in mind the Piscean stone does differ from a birthstone. 


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This article is part of Influenster's Astrology Series with the help of expert astrologist, Lara Arbore of Third Eye TheoryAries season kicks off March 20th, stay tuned 😉