Are Conditioning Waters the Newest Trend for Your Hair?

Consider this your secret weapon.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

For as long as I can remember, conditioning has been an absolute must for me. I've never been one to get by without a full treatment or at least two rinses with my conditioner of choice each and every time I shower. Perhaps it's because I was graced with tangly, stringy straight hair as a child that always required a detangler (and subsequent battle with my mother and her comb) after every wash. OR perhaps it was because that stick straight hair quickly transformed into frizzy, wavy, all-around unruly hair come 13. Either way, conditioning has been a way of life for me, and I'm always looking for the next best thing to help me win the battle against bad hair days.

Product: Philip B. Weightless Conditioning Water ($38 at

What it does: This mist touts itself as an instant conditioner. With just a spritz, it claims to give hair the frizz-free shine of a rinse-out conditioner and shine spray sans shower or multiple product cocktailing. Best part? It says it works on both wet and dry hair.

Our take: Because I'm someone who has run the gamut of hair struggles, it's easy to see why I was intrigued by this launch. One product to tackle my shine, frizz, and texture problems without the whole runaround of at least three products and a shower? I was hopeful. 

I decided to test this Conditioning Mist on dry, second-day, slept-in hair a.k.a. my usual hairstyle of choice. I didn't quite have time for a full shampoo and conditioning—or a shower at all TBH—I decided to hastily spritz the mist on my waves to see if they would somehow become lively again. And surprise, surprise, they did. 

After just a few sprays across my whole head and a few tszujes, I noticed my hair looked less frizzy (this never happens after sleeping on it), smoother (like never happens), and even shinier (seriously, this never happens). And my mane was incredibly soft—like keep touching it soft. The mist was so light and weightless that my waves looked refreshed and healthy, as if I had just washed my hair. Zero buildup or sticky product-y feel. 

I was so curious what magic was a play that I did some digging and learned I have Philip B.'s water-based formula complete with nutrient-rich organic plant extracts like chamomile, comfrey, henna flower, horsetail grass, hops, rosemary, nettle leaf, and orange peel to thank for my soft, pretty hair.

Bottom line: I never thought I needed a Conditioning Water for my hair, and now I don't know how I lived without it. I was so impressed with this shower-in-a-bottle that I stuck it in my handbag so I'm never too far from my new BFF. I'm finding new uses for it as well: flyaway tamer, instant shine-booster, hair perfume—did I mention it smells like a botanical garden? This is one product I'm going to have to control myself around. The love is real.

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