The Perfect Diaper for Your Baby Bottom's Sensitive Skin

Because your little one deserves the best!

When your little one has sensitive skin, it can be hard to find products that will keep your little one soft and secure. That's why we're excited to be sending 4,000 parents this Pampers Pure VoxBox! (Psst. Learn more about how to get a VoxBox here.)


pampers pure voxbox


Still curious why you should switch to Pampers Pure? We've got four reasons here:


#1: It's clinically proven hypoallergenic

Why take the risk that your cutie isn't getting the best ingredients? Pampers Pure diapers use premium cotton, plant-based, and other thoughtfully-chosen materials. The cotton is also USA-grown from a member of the Cotton LEADS program, which supports sustainable sourcing and quality! So you can feel good about making your baby feel good!


#2: It has lots of protection

Once it's time to go, it's time to go. But that doesn't mean your baby's bed or stroller has to go either! Thankfully, Pampers Pure Protection gives 12 hours of protection.


#3: You'll know exactly when you have to change it

Pampers diapers have something called a "Wetness Indicator." This is a strip on the diaper—similar to a pH strip—that tells you when it's time for a change! They're also two times drier and more breathable than other diapers on the market.


#4: The prints are so stinkin' (no pun intended) cute!

The prints on the diapers will definitely add personality... not that your little one needs anymore! The best part is the ink used on the diaper are made without disperse dyes so they're safe for sensitive skin.


Are you excited to see if Pampers Pure lives up to its name? Let us know in the comments!

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