Would You Try Hard Coffee?

Let's discuss this one..

ByCaitlin M.

We're all for a good mash-up. Heck, when it comes to the beauty world, collaborations are our bread and butter. And when it comes to food and drink, the result is often times even better than the original. (We're looking at you Mayochup.) But one of the latest flavor mash-ups we've spotted piques our interest in spiked beverages—hard coffee.

If you're like us, you're already on board with liquor and coffee, but Pabst Blue Ribbon just dropped a new take on the boozy sip with their new Hard Coffee. The new limited drink is made "using Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and rich, creamy American milk,” according to the brand's site. But with that vanilla iced coffee flavor you also get 5 percent ABV. 

pbr hard coffee

And while you may hear PBR and think "beer coffee," let us assure you it's not quite that. Instead, it's really a spiked malt beverage that leans heavily into the realm of boozy latte territory. Are you feeling like this may be your new drink of choice? Before you go and get too excited, the test drink is only available in select markets in Pennsylvania, Maine, New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia. (You can locate your closest location here.)

pbr hard coffee

 Interestingly, this isn't the first forray into non-traditional beer for PBR. Recently, they dropped PBR Extra, which boasts a higher ABV percentage, and have teased a PBR-branded whiskey set to hit stores later. Who knows what could be in store for us next?


Would you try Hard Coffee? Share below in the comments if you're team "Yes" or "Pass".