Organic Infant and Toddler Suncare

Organic Infant and Toddler Suncare

Buying sunscreen is often a quick, immediate purchase. We scour the shelf for the highest SPF we can find, and bing-bang the deal is done. However, when it comes to sunscreen purchases attention is often paid toward SPF, rather than the ingredients. Unfortunately many times UVA/UBA protection is not accompanied with organic, safe ingredients. When making suncare purchases for your little  one, perhaps taking a quick glance at the ingredient list can have long-lasting benefits for your child.

Here we have decoded your sunscreen labels, and have included some ingredients to watch out for! 


ATTITUDE Baby Sunscreen

ATTITUDE baby sunscreen

ATTITUDE baby Sunscreen is 100% mineral, meaning it is free of any chemical contaminants. This sunscreen is about as organic as you can get, which is perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin.


Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

Blue Lizard Sensitive Sunscreen

We are in love with this product! Blue Lizard Australian Sensitive Sunscreen is a Broad Spectrum sunscreen, meaning it protects against BOTH UVA and UVB Rays. It is paraben-free, chemical-free, and fragrance-free! It also contains moisturizing organic ingredients such as castor oil and vitamin E. Blue lizard has a special feature -- on the onset of UVA/UVB rays the cap turns from white to blue. This mechanism is perfect for toddlers learning sunscreen application.


Badger Chamomile Baby Sunscreen

Badger Baby Sunscreen

For the past three years Badger has claimed the spot for the number one baby sunscreen both for its organic composition and long-lasting coverage. It is completely organic, and uses a non-nano formula, eliminating the likelihood of free radical generation. The chamomile provides a fresh, light, and relaxing aroma. Overall Badger receives an A+ for infant sunscreen!




California Baby Super Sensitive Sunscreen

California Baby Super Sensitive Sunscreen

California baby offers a variety of sunscreen for all different ages. We especially love California Baby Super Sensitive Sunscreen for its water-resistance. It is the perfect product for the active infant or toddler who loves the water.


Seventh Generation Wee Generation Baby Sunscreen

Seventh Generation Baby Sunscreen

Seventh Generation Wee Generation Baby Sunscreen is great for long-lasting wear. It has a non-absorbing coat which stays on the skin for maximum protection. Its SPF also lasts 80 minutes after water contact. Seventh Generation sunscreen is organic as well as gluten-free and paraben-free.



When buying sunscreen fr your little ones, here's what to look for:

- Broad spectrum 

- Nano-free 

- Paraben-free

- Chemical-free 

- High SPF 

- Water/sweat resistant 

- Use essential oils for fragrance 


Now, when buying sunscreen for your babies here are a few things you'll want to avoid:

- Oxybenzone: can be hormone-disrupting 

- Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate): can speed up the development of skin tumors 

- Fragrance: associated with toxicity and allergens 

- Sprays/powders: there are added chemicals for functional purposes, can be toxic to lungs


So, what are your favorite sunscreens to use for your little ones? Tell us in the comments below!