Cue Nostalgia: Oreo O's Are Returning

Let's all have a moment of silence.

ByCaitlin M.

We don't have to tell you that the '90s are back and better than ever. Lisa Frank is launching a makeup line and Gwen Stefani is still our beauty inspiration. And now we're getting the chance to live our Millennial lives to the fullest yet again thanks to Oreo, which is bringing back one of the greatest inventions of the mid '90s: Oreo O's cereal.

Oreo O's cereal

The sweet Oreo-flavored breakfast cereal launched back in 1997 only to devastate half the childhood population in 2007 when it was discontinued. Sure, the chocolate and creme-based cereal was insanely sweet and yes, it probably should have been served for dessert instead of first thing in the morning, but don't pretend your now-grown self isn't super pumped for its return.

Starting June 23rd, Oreo O's will be available exclusively at Walmart for three months. But after those three months are up, more grocery stores will start carrying the throwback. So mark your cals, Influensters. We have a feeling you'll want to get your hands on a box—or 7!

Are you excited for the revival? Let us know your favorite Oreo O's memory below!