OPI's New Gel System is All About Health

And just wait until you hear about the removal...

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

There's weekly meal prep, step counters, sleep trackers, and monthly subscription services all designed to make adopting a healthy lifestyle easier and more achievable. But why should your quest for a healthy life stop with what you eat and working out? Why shouldn't your beauty game get the healthy upgrade? There are already a number of skincare and cosmetic brands that are raising the bar with good-for-you ingredients, so why shouldn't your nails get the same TLC?

OPI prohealth

Enter OPI to make sure that your love for gel manicures doesn't have to mean a sacrifice in healthy nails. The brand just dropped the new ProHealth System—a top and base coat designed to protect and care for nails—all while maintaining that gel mani shine you desire. Think of it as a health plan for your nails.


The ProHealth System works like this. Your favorite salon will apply one thin coat of the ProHealth base coat to form a protective barrier on nails that helps them retain moisture and oils during the manicure process. You cure the base coat for 30 seconds then move onto the GelColor. Now, you still have the same 140 OPI colors to choose from and any of the GelColor formulas you know and love will pair perfectly with the new ProHealth System. Your manicurist will apply two layers of color and cure after each coat. Then comes one thin layer of the ProHealth top coat. This seals the deal and keeps color shiny and protected for up to two weeks—we put it to the test, and yep, it really lasts two weeks! Now, because this is a salon treatment, you'll have to head into a licensed salon to try it yourself. Find a salon near you here.


But here's where it gets good. As anyone who has ever had a gel manicure knows, the removal process is the biggest pain. And it's where the biggest chance for damage can occur. You have to sit for extended periods of time with your digits soaked in remover and then you're still not done. You have to scrape off the gel and hope it doesn't damage your precious tips! No more. ProHealth is designed to cut down that time to an amazing seven minutes. That means you only have to have your nails wrapped for about seven minutes before the gel polish starts to slide off in. Zero scraping, zero residue, and no nasty brittle nails post removal. 

You can head to the salon right now to test out the ProHealth benefits yourself. But of course, if you're still not a gel convert, there are a number of options that can give you that high-shine finish without all the salon work. Which are the best? We did the hunting for you! Check out the best gel-like polishes right here.

What do you think of gel nails? Are you a fan?


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