OPI’s GelColor System Holds the Secret to Long-Lasting Nail Color

Think: 21+ days of wear

ByKortney K.

There’s some things that should be left to the pros—and we think from time to time, nails are one of them. That’s why we sent OPI’s GelColor System to nail techs across the U.S. and Europe. Formulated for optimal adhesion and shine intense wear, the GelColor system contains three essentials (the Strengthening Base Coat, a GelColor shade, and Top Coat) for nail color lasting for up to three weeks! No dulling, no cracks, no chips…no problems. 


opi gel color


How does it work?

Take 90 seconds to give your clients long-lasting wear! Apply one thin coat of OPI GelColor Strengthening Base Coat on either you or your client and cure for 30 seconds under your salon-provided UV light. Next, apply two thin coats of your OPI GelColor shade and cure each layer for 30 seconds. Finish it off by applying one thin coat of OPI GelColor Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds. 

But that's not all. There’s zero dry time for this system, and every product is odor-free and LED cured. Plus, application is super simple—the thin brush-on formula makes your mani experience that much easier.


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