On the Road: Games to Play While Traveling

It's no secret that long hours waiting out a layover or the headache of riding in a car for an extended period of time with your family can drive anyone a little bit nuts. If you're like me and need a constant distraction from the madness, your phone or tablet will become your new best friend in the airport or wherever else you're stuck while traveling for the holidays. Here are a few foolproof sources of entertainment to make time pass just a little bit faster. 

1. Candy Crush Saga 

Despite being released ages ago, Candy Crush still never fails. Be careful not to spend too much money refilling your lives, though, as the addiction to this game might make you want to.

2. QuizUp

For all the trivia addicts out there, QuizUp is the perfect way to pass the time. Play against opponents all over the world in any category you could possibly think of.

3. Huffington Post

You can take everything the website has to offer with you in the app version of the Huffington Post, with plenty of articles to keep you occupied and informed while you travel.

4. Bejeweled

Before Candy Crush there was Bejeweled, and it is just as much of a good time as it was years ago when you could play it on your flip phone. 

5.  Netflix

If you thought Netflix was a distraction on your computer, just wait until you load the app onto your phone or tablet. Netflix anywhere you go. Dreams do come true.

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