Olive and June's Fall 2020 Colors Plus Your Guide to the Perfect At-Home Mani

Get first look at the new Fall 2020 Colors Collection

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

Masters of the mani, Olive and June, are launching their Fall 2020 Color Collection on August 21. We got our hands on their newest box set early and are sharing the inside scoop with you along with a guide on how to get the perfect at-home manicure. 

Your Guide to the Perfect Mani

Step 1: Shape, clip, and file - The 90/10 Rule

90% of your nail shape should come from your clipper, with the other 10% achieved by filing. Use flat edged clippers to cut your nail into your preferred shape, then gently smooth out the edges with a file. This works even better if you already have polish on as it helps you visualize how the shape will look with polish (vs getting distracted by your nail's natural color.)

Step 2: Remove old polish

If you don't have old polish on, move to Step 3. Otherwise, remove old nail polish and excess oils. If you are having trouble fully removing a glitter mani, paint over your glitter polish with non-glitter polish, wait a few minutes for the polish to bond, then wipe away with nail polish remover. 

Step 3: Trim hangnails and buff cuticles

Using your buffer, gently glide the fine grit back and forth along the edge of the cuticle to erase any dry skin and smooth things out. If your nails are ridged or appear uneven, buff the top or sides gently so you have a uniform canvas for your polish. If your cuticles are dry or splitting, using a serum regularly will help get them back into shape.

Step 4: Apply Polish and Top Coat

To apply your first coat of polish, start with a center swipe from base to tip, then swipe eaither side. You should be able to cover the averge nail plate in 2-3 strokes. Repeat on each nail and let dry for at least two minutes before applying a second coat. We recommend following color with a clear top coat to get a longer lasting and glossy look. 

Step 5: Clean up and maintain

If you've gotten any polish on your skin, use a clean up brush dipped in nail polish remover (or even a cotton swab) to remove any unwanted color or to clean up polish lines. Generally speaking, a fresh mani should last at least five days. For the best looking, longest lasting manicure, apply cuticle oil daily, and a clear top coat every third day. If you get a chip, gently dab polish remover on the chip to smooth out the area, let it dry, then reapply your polish and top coat.

What we love best about this color collection is that each of the 6 shades are named after members of the Olive and June community who continually inspire the brand with their nail game. Founder and CEO. Sarah Gibson Tuttle, says:

  • "JJ is named after Juliana Joel, who I met a few years ago in our salon and weʼve been friends ever since. This dreamy warm shade is so JJʼs style.” 
  • "LD is named after Lauren Davis, a total OandJ bestie. Her manis inspire us all. of. the. time! I knew this stunning mauve-y rose-y pink had to be LD as soon as I saw it.”
  • "MG is named after Maddy Gutierrez. As soon as I got her love for all things beauty, I couldnʼt wait to name this warm terracotta after her.”
  • "JO is named after Jasmine Ou, who was my very first hand model crush with that iconic rounded nail shape. She is going to give everyone nailfie envy with this apricot shade.” 
  • "HGC is named after Alisa Emmel. She loves a light, neutral mani so this soft cream was a must for her."
  • "WKF is named after Katie Moser. When Katie (a die-hard mani DIYʼer) shouted her love for our polish formula from the rooftops, I screamed out loud! She needed a gorgeous green to rock all the time.” 

You can recreate this look with the Olive & June Nailfie Ready Box, available for $80 USD at oliveandjune.com. This limited edition nailfie-ready collection is perfect for fall with a Limited Edition Latte Studio Box and Cream Poppy. Inside you’ll find their 8-piece mani system of tools and products plus 6 new 7-free long-lasting nail polishes for the new season.

Happy 7th Birthday to our friends at Olive and June!

What are YOUR tips for getting a perfect mani/pedi at home? Let us know in the comments below. 

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