NUK's Baby Products Will Change Your (and your baby’s) Life

Get ready for some SERIOUSLY cute designs.


NUK is a German brand focused on making life easier for babies and their parents. They develop their products with medical experts to make sure babies’ well-being is the utmost priority. We can’t wait to hear what little ones will have to say about the products we sent them in our new VoxBox! Whilst waiting for them to make up their mind, here is a little round-up of our favorite products launched by this company.

NUK First Choice + Baby bottle with temperature control: this innovative baby bottle changes colour if the drink is too hot! The indicator will turn from blue to white to warn you that whatever drink you’re pouring is above the recommended temperature. Plus, this product’s anti-colic system ensures a natural flow to help your baby drink without swallowing air. In terms of materials, this is made from lightweight polyamide (PA), BPA-free. Cheers, baby!

The original NUK pacifier is based on the female breast when breastfeeding, and it has a flatter design to allow maximum space for the baby’s tongue. We love its pretty design and the large range of colours available.
Bonus points for the NUK Space Pacifier, especially designed for sensitive skin. It allows more space to breathe and also looks super cute! In case you become obsessed, just know that the range offers A LOT of different designs, from a baby panda to an adorable hedgehog. We're calling it, your kid is going to be the trendiest in town.

NUK Magic Cup: Your baby can drink from wherever they want with the 360° drinking rim. Plus, you can take this spill-proof cup with you at all times thanks to the protective cap for transport. But that’s not all, NUK innovated by launching a glow-in-the-dark collection, allowing you (and your baby!) to see the cup at night. No need to turn on the light for a sip of water! And the celestial designs are perfect for a calm night of sleep.


May it be your partner or your best friend, send this article to someone who might be interested with this innovative brand! Also, which pacifier do you prefer? I vote for the baby owl!