Check Out Your November Tarot Card Reading

Keep calm and pick your tarot card 

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

Happy November Influensters! What better way to kick off this month than with a tarot card reading to help guide you through it? Jackie Ortez, Reiki and spiritual counselor, has pulled three options, now it's your turn to look above at the three backs of the cards and pick card one, two or three. Don't overthink it, just go with your gut. 


Have you made your choice? Check out the reading that matches you card below. 



CARD 1: Seven of Fire 


"Eye of the Tiger"... that’s what this month’s theme song is for you. You are full of fighting energy! You are prepared, studied up and ready for a debate with just about anyone that comes in your way. Defending your beliefs is great and of course, continue to stand in your power, but make sure it’s not coming at a cost that’s not worth it. Not every battle needs to be won and although you make many valid statements, sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree, especially with people who you are close to and love. You don’t want to taint your relationships just to prove a point.



Your Action: Get that fighting energy out another way by exercising. Hop on an exercise bike, try a virtual class or run through your favorite yoga flow. This will not only help with balance endorphins when someone doesn’t see your way, it’s also how you can expend the energy and remain in a state of calm. Even a 10-minute walk will help you in the long run.



CARD 2: Seven of Water

This month for you is all about balance. Your chakras need balancing and it feels like you are operating out of the imbalances in your Root and Sacral chakras. If you have had an increase of anxiety, it is directly connected to your Root, which holds the sense of true self and safety.  Adding now in your Sacral, which is the center of emotional balance and where the emotions that aren’t expressed get stored, you could be feeling like you are at the end of your rope. It feels like there has been a period of constant general anxiety and although you have learned to operate with it running in the background, it’s time to do something about it.




Your Action: Meditate. Whether on a yoga mat, chair, or in your bed lying down, make the time, even if it’s only 5 minutes. Choose an app or search for a grounding meditation to find one that speaks to you. Meditating will not only calm your mind, but it will release the constant noise you have gotten used to.




CARD 3: Knight of Water 

The tides are turning this month.  The beginning of November looks like the waves in the ocean during a storm, but don’t fret, it’s not going to stay that way. The first week is going to be a bit rough and you may not even realize how much until it is over. When it calms down and the dust settles, that’s when what you just accomplished in the whirlwind of the week before will be realized. Be proud of yourself.  Give yourself a pat on the back, a little pep talk, then move forward. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for and it’s time to acknowledge and appreciate that. The rest of the month won’t necessarily be smooth sailing, but you’ll be able to navigate it with grace and ease.



Your Action: Treat yourself with a little gift of luxury. Whether it’s a reiki infused candle or a comfy throw blanket, buy something for yourself that will make you feel great and most of all, appreciated.





Which card did you pick? Did your reading resonate? Looking for more cosmic insights? Follow @healingguidancejackie for a daily dose of zen. And check back next week for another reading!