This Dry Shampoo is a Mane-Changer

Brunettes, this one’s for you!


Jessica H.
ByJessica H.

If you’re familiar with dry shampoo, then you know it can be a total game-changer when it comes to styling your hair. It can take greasy, limp hair from 0 to 100 in just one spritz. But something we’re not-so-crazy about? The streaky, white residue it sometimes leaves behind. Cue Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Medium Dry Shampoo—the solution to all your dry shampoo scaries! NYM's latest dry shampoo innovation includes a tinted formula, specifically designed for brunettes (both light and dark!). Not only does this formula absorb excess oil, but it also replaces leftover white powder with an undetectable brown tint…and a fresh boost of volume!


Skip the shower

Now that we’ve found an easy way to get voluminous hair without having to wash it, we want to share it with you! This month, more than 1,000 lucky Influensters will get to try Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Medium Dry Shampoo in our latest VoxBox. Who's ready for gorgeous, second-day hair?


not your mothers clean freak medium dry shampoo


Tips for a dry shampoo touch-up:

  • Before use, shake the can vigorously.

  • Hold the can 8 to 10 inches away and spray onto dry roots.

  • Massage the product thoroughly with your fingertips and brush through, then style your hair as desired!

  • If you get some color residue on your fingers, don’t fret! It can easily be removed by washing your hands.


not your mothers dry shampoo voxbox


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