Non-Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts That Put Chocolate & Flowers to Shame

Skip the last-min chocolate.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Roses are red, violets are blue, giving gifts shouldn't be boring, especially when they're from you. To help you escape the same old flowers and chocolates routine, we found some great gift options for Valentine's Day that will help make you to master gift give. Check out these non-traditional Valentine's Day gifts for any sweetie in your life.

For the Netflix lover....

We all have that special someone who knows exactly which shows to stream. For all those walking TV guides out there, give them a gift that encourages their lounging lifestyle. An electric kettle is a gift that says, "You have my permission to be cozy. All. Night. Long." Hopefully, they'll let you join in on the snuggle fest too.

Try: Black + Decker Gooseneck Kettle Pour Over Coffee Kit, $49.99


For the pet parent...

So your heart belongs to someone whose heart belongs to their pet. Don't fight it. There's nothing like a gift that pleases their furry friend to say I love you. These hemp-based tinctures and chews that focuses on our pet's overall well-being and can target everything from relaxation, joint care, and stress.

Try: Heelr Calming & Relaxation Chews, $29.99


For the almost outdoorsman...

OK, so your Valentine might not be ready to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, but they enjoy a good trip to the great outdoors here and their. Appeal to their inner nature child with a pair of shoes that can tackle a trail as well as a walk around the block. Plus, these suede shoes even got a fashion seal of approval from Vogue.

Try: Merrell Jungle Moc, $80


For the non-green thumb...

Who wouldn't love to be the type to pick up a plant at the local farmer's market and know it will last longer than a week or so before slowly deciding to die despite the fact it has ample sun and water? If you have someone in your life who aspires to be a green thumb, but just can't quite seem to master it, perhaps a gift that gives them the fragrant gift of a garden—that they can't overwater—is more their speed.

Try: Venus et Fleur Rose Blanche Candle, $39


For the gourmand-in-the-making...

Your Valentine would rather spend hours perusing Bon Appetit for the perfect recipe for a random Thursday night than watch cat videos with you on Intagram. We get it. Your gourmand-in-the-making deserves nothing but the best for their sophisticated palate. Hot tip: pair this flight with a bottle of red wine and let the cheedar do the rest.

TryWisconsin Cheddar Flight Gift Crate, $59


For your workwife...

This gift is actually just as much for you as it is for your #1 work bae. This mini-fridge will fit snuggly between your desks and will fit snacks, sodas, or skincare for two. Now your afternoon facial mist and Diet Coke date will get a new, chilled, lease on life. And really, everyone loves a gift that keeps giving.

Try it: Uber Chill Mini Personal Fridge, $54.99


For Valentine's Day's #1 fan...

Even if Valentine's Day isn't a big deal to you, it might be to your bae. Give them a gift that leans into their love for all things pink and pretty. This dry wine from Rosé Bae is exclusive to Target and comes in hot with red fruit notes and hints of florals for the ultimate companion to berries and dark chocolate. Go ahead, embrace Valentine's Day to the max.

Try: Rosé Bae Wine, $9.99


What are you shopping for this Valentine's Day? Share below!

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