Non-Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts That Put Chocolate & Flowers to Shame

Explore unconventional gifts for everyone in your heart

Alison D.
ByAlison D.

This year, avoid overdone flowers and chocolates and get your valentine a gift as unique as them. Whether you’re shopping for a serious partner, a new date, or a favorite friend, you want to give something thoughtful. Our collection of presents is tailored to that special someone’s interests, guaranteeing you’ll gift something they’ll love and use long after the holiday has ended. 



For the Netflix lover...

Enhance their viewing experience with LED lights that display over 16 million colors, setting the perfect mood for movie night. This light strip is easy to set up and control with your phone, allowing them to change the room's ambiance mid-episode for the ultimate, binge-worthy experience. 

Try: Wiz LED Strip Starter kit


For the pet parent...

Give the unconventionally amazing present of a fur-free house with this de-shedding tool. The brush painlessly removes and collects loose hair, letting your pet parent spend less time sweeping and more time with their furry friend (and hopefully you). 

Try: FURminator deShedding Tool


For the almost outdoorsman...

Prepare them for their next adventure with this reusable water bottle for all-day hydration. This water bottle is dishwasher safe and comes with a sleek design, a lifetime warranty, and TempShield™ insulation. A heavy hiker or casual walker, they’ll love how the bottle keeps their drinks hot or cold.

Try: Hydro Flask Wide Mouth


For the aspiring gamer...

Increase your favorite gamer’s advantage with this innovative Naga gaming mouse from Razer. Features like the 12-button thumb grid with mechanical switches, ergonomic design, and concave button shape help your player stay in the game. They’ll be delighted with the advanced execution, and you’ll like watching them win. 

Try: Razer Naga Gaming Mouse


For the amateur chef...

Those who love saying, “It’s homemade!” will be thrilled with this frozen yogurt, ice cream, and sorbet maker. This machine turns fresh ingredients into creamy, frosty treats with no extra mess. They’ll love the opportunity to create their deserts, and you’ll love getting to try them. 

Try: Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker


For the fitness lover...

A top-notch workout with Peloton cycle is the ideal gift for anyone passionate about fitness. This revolutionary bike has live and on-demand classes so that they can break a sweat anytime. This gift is a win-win, giving them the tools to push themselves towards new goals and a more rewarding workout and getting you out of joining them for a run.

Try: Peloton Cycle 


For Valentine's Day's #1 fan...

Appease your hopeless romantic with this fun beverage. The sparkling wine has a sweet, juicy taste and a festive red color that’s sure to delight any cupid enthusiast. 

Try: Barefoot Bubbly Red Sparkling Champagne Wine


Who are you shopping for this Valentine's Day? Share below!