The Most Popular Liquor Brands of Female NFL Fans

Game on.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Football season is upon us, Influensters! And whether you're packing up the car for a weekend tailgate or planning on keeping it low key at home, chances are you'll find yourself tuning into a football game or two this season. To see just how Influensters are spending their football season, last 2018 season, we polled 14,397 women who watch NFL games to learn how they were planning on enjoying game day—including what they'll be sipping.

Out of the 14K+ women we polled, we learned that a third of the women polled consider themselves superfans and plan on catching all 16 games of the season. And although it's always fun to catch a game real time at the stadium, majority of the women polled—95 percent, actually—will be catching game day at home. The most popular places to watch the game? Fifty four percent of the women polled say they will watch the game at a friend’s house, while only 48 percent will head to a bar for the game. Going to the actual stadium came in third place with 33 percent of the participants saying they'll make the trip to watch the game IRL.

Now let's talk the best part of game day: food and drink. When it comes to what our female NFL fans will be snacking on chips and dips (31 percent) was the favorite, following by BBQ (17 percent), burgers (16 percent), pizza (13 percent), nachos (7 percent) and fried chicken (4 percent). As for drinks, beer and soda are their top picks coming in at 58 percent and 57 percent, respectively. The next favorite choices are liquor/cocktail at 45 percent, followed by water (35 percent), wine (24 percent), cider (14 percent), tea (14 percent), and coffee (7 percent).

Curious as to which liquors brands female fans of all 32 NFL teams enjoy drinking during game day? We broke it down, team by team.

infographic game day spirits


And when it comes to how our NFL fans stay up to date on the score? Well, social media comes in #1 with 89 percent of participants saying they turn to social feeds for updates, followed by TV news (66 percent), online news (58 percent), word of mouth (39 percent), radio (27 percent) and print news (9 percent).

What will you be sipping on game day? Share your game day food and drink of choice below!

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