The Most Unexpected Ways to Use Your Favorite Beauty Products

The Most Unexpected Ways to Use Your Favorite Beauty Products

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

If you've followed along on our Snapchat (@influenster), you've likely seen that it's Fashion Week here in NYC and some of our Influenster editors have gotten in on some of the action! From backstage shenanigans to front-row fun, we've been your eyes and ears at New York Fashion Week Spring 2017. And we're sharing with you some of the top unlikely beauty tips we learned while brushing shoulders with the pros backstage. Read on to get the scoop on how to use your favorite beauty tools for unexpected purposes!

Lipstick as cream shadow at Ottolinger

maybelline ottolinger backstage

Courtesy of Maybelline

This was one of the most colorful eye looks at Fashion Week, and as it turns out, the key to creating this vibrant pink lies in the lipstick. Makeup artist Grace Lee for Maybelline New York got that bold pop of color on the lids by using Color Jolt Lip Paint in Red-dy Or Not mixed with Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick in Coffee Addiction. To apply, tap the blended hues on lids for a not so subtle touch of color.

Lip gloss as eyeshadow at Alice + Olivia 

stila alice + olivia backstage

Here's another one for the eye lovers! While hanging out backstage at Alice + Olivia, we spotted makeup artist and Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry for Stila Cosmetics Sarah Lucero using two Glitter Glow glosses on models lids to create a "mesmerizing" look reminiscent of tarot card readers from the 1800s. Although these two gloss shades, Violet Vixen and Ballet Baby, aren't available yet (alas!), you can use your favorite light pink and lilac glosses to mimic this look until the new products launch! To create, apply your gloss over desired eyeshadow color—at Alice + Olivia, Sarah used a chalky lavender—to create a top coat over the lids. "I love these products to add just a melting, dimension [and] life to the eyes in a positivity burst!" she explains. Consider us counting down the days until we can get our hands on the glosses and try this look out ourselves.

Retouching powder as blush at Marchesa

makeup bobbi brown marchesa

Bobbi Brown herself (!) shared with us that she used several color correcting products on models at Marchesa to create the refined feminine look. Most notably, she applied Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder in Pink as blush. The sheerness of the rosy powder gave just a peek of color, which was sophisticated and flawless on each and every model we saw. 

Heat protector as a styling product at Marchesa


You might be used to reaching for your heat protecting spray to guard your locks against your flat iron or curling wand, but we learned it's also a fantastic styling product. While backstage at Marchesa, we chatted with Moroccanoil Global Ambassador Antonio Corral Calero, who created sleek look using Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection. "Heat Styling Protection is just a product you use to protect the hair from when you use a flat iron, but when you overdo it, it becomes coated and it becomes very heavy—in a good way!" Antonio explains. "It just falls straight, so when the girls are walking the runway, it becomes one piece. It's not like little strings, it's not like little flyaways." To create this at home, apply the product from root to tip beginning at the nape of the neck. Remember hair should be completely saturated to get that lacquer-like look!

Hair ties as bobby pin holders at Serena Williams

Some of our hair savvy Influensters might already know this trick, but we spotted Not Your Mother's hairstylist Glen Yu utilizing a basic hair elastic as a serious space saver and handy bobby pin holder. Simply attach bobby pins to the hair tie that you (likely) have already wrapped around your wrist. This helps ensure they're always on hand (pun intended) when you're artfully crafting that perfect messy bun or fishtail.

Tinted lip balms as color correctors at Banana Republic

banana republic stila backstage

We know what you're thinking, color correcting is nothing new, but at the Banana Republic show, Stila's Sarah Lucero taught us how to utilize tinted balms to color correct our lips. And why would one want to color correct your lips, you might ask? Ever loved the way a lip color looks in the bottle only to apply it and be disappointed? Or wanted that perfect nude lip but found your lips were just a little too rosy? Well, by color correcting your lips, you can take a too red pout and tone it down either to leave as is or to make your favorite lip color stay true to its shade. "We're using sheer tints, almost like a color correcting story for the lips, so it calms your lip color down," she explains. The balms Sarah used are new launches from Stila's relaunch of their classic Color Balm Lipstick collection, so we'll have to wait until next summer to get our hands on the gray and dusty rose hue she used. But in the meantime, reach for a lightly gray tinted balm to color reverse overly red lips and a subtle rose balm to bring some rouge to deeper pouts. 

A straightener as a crimper at Jill Stuart

phyto backstage at jill stuart

We already told you the "coming-out-of-the-water" look was a big trend on the catwalk, but it turns out the key to creating this look is less about the products you use and more about the way you use them. One of the key tricks to creating this slight bend in the hair is to use a straightener instead of a crimper. "Flat hair is the look we're going for," explains legendary hairstylist Didier Malige. "We don't want to do big heads!" To accomplish this, we spotted hairstylists using a flat iron to create a texturized wave look. To keep the top head flat, stylists manually placed the hair under the flat iron in a zig zag-like pattern, being careful to keep the hair flat on top to avoid too much volume. Get the full scoop on how to create the look, here.

Hair gel as bobby pins at Vipe Activewear

vipe hair not your mothers

Couresy of Not Your Mother's Instagram

Another fun tip we picked up from the Not Your Mother's crew, this time backstage at Vipe Activewear, was to forego your bobby pins and opt for a hair gel instead. "If you're going to be playing sports, you don't want that bun going anywhere. So instead of putting extra pins in it, just put extra gel," explains NYM hairstylist Glen Yu. To get this look, Yu used a wax and argan oil mixture at the base of the bun and brushed hair up to lock it in place. To keep the pony part movable, he applied gel and then twisted to secure it in place. Gel is a better option to hold hair in place because pins can rip your hair, not to mention they flat out hurt! Pro tip: To get gel out of hair easily, use a little warm water and shampoo to dilute the gel and break it down. Don't take a brush or comb to it as that might cause breakage and tugging! 

Dry shampoo as a volumizer at Jonathan Simkhai


Courtesy of: Alex Barron-Hough for TIGI

Typically you reach for your dry shampoo to absorb oil on second-day hair. But any hair pro knows it's also a great tool for adding volume and texture. Jonathan Simkhai's collection was inspired by beaches and deserts, so TIGI US Creative Director and VP of Education Thomas Osborn applied Catwalk by TIGI Transforming Dry Shampoo to models' locks to amp up the fullness. To get the purposefully messy and bountiful look, spray dry shampoo at the roots and scrunch hair up to create bounce and added oomf.

Nail dryer spray as a cuticle moisturizer at Addition Elle Presents Holiday 2016 RTW + Ashley Graham Lingerie Collection

We got the scoop on a seriously nifty trick to use DeMert Nail Dryer Spray straight from brand founder, Bethany Pagliarulo. You can use the aerosol dryer as a cuticle moisturizer thanks to its oil-based formula. So even if you're not wearing nail polish, you can use the spray to nourish and soothe rough cuticles!

Red lipstick as eyeliner at Addition Elle Presents Holiday 2016 RTW + Ashley Graham Lingerie Collection

When you're a makeup guru, you know all the tricks of the trades. And we got to see a pretty cool one while hanging out backstage with MustaeV. Use a deep red lip stick (they used the red shade from their 10 Lip Pro Palette) as an under eyeliner to make eyes pop. 

What are some bizarre beauty tricks you've tried? Let us know!

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