5 New Skincare Products to Try Over Break

You always deserve it. But now, you really do!

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

We know you've been busy snagging the best gifts for your friends and family this gifting season, and now we say it's safe to say you've earned a little R&R this holiday break. Although we fully support a little self care in the form of cookies and cocktails galore, we think it's time you treat yourself to some at-home spa action. And thankfully, there are a number of brand new skincare products to help you do just that. 

No matter how you spend your holiday break—lounging at home, dealing with the fam, or reconnecting with those long lost high school friends—we found just the splurge-worthy skincare product to enjoy over a long break.


1. Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask ($45 at SEPHORA.com)

glow recipe avocado melt

One of the most essential parts of any holiday break is a little down time. If you're already planning the naps you're going to be enjoying all break, might we suggest adding in a little skincare action at the same time. The best way to do so? Apply a sleeping mask prior to that Netflix and nap and let your skin reap the benefits while you lounge. This brand new launch from Glow Recipe contains and cream avocado to boost hydration while antioxidant-rich honey gets to work calming and treating congested skin. Lastly, count on kaolin clay and PHAs to provide extra exfoliation. So go on and be that Nap Queen that you are.


2. Laneige Fresh Calming Mousse Moisturizer ($29 at SEPHORA.com)

LANEIGE Fresh Calming Mousse Moisturizer

Although break is meant to be, well, a break, all that togetherness may not always feel like a break. If you find yourself getting more than a bit stressed, chances are, your skin is bound to reflect some of that stress too. But rather than let the stress of your nosy uncle get to you, reclaim that "serenity now" moment with a moisturizer that actually helps target visibly stressed out skin. This new mousse moisturizer from Laneige has your back. With deep sea water to provide enhanced hydration and lychee peel extract to toss some antioxidants into the mix, this new launch from the K-beauty brand actually fights redness and dehydration. What's more, that fluffy mousse texture is way more fun to deal with than having to explain to your Grandma what a meme is again.


3. Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot™ Rubber Purifying Mask With Spirulina ($12 at SEPHORA.com)

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot™ Rubber Purifying Mask Spirulina

But not all family time needs to have you ready to pull out your hair. Sometime a little bonding moment is all you need to ease any tension. Reach for a skin-loving and selfie-worthy face mask like this one from Dr. Jart+ to treat yourself to. This one has a fun DIY component that allows you to mix up your mask and because there's so much available, grab your sister, mom, aunt, whomever to indulge with you. The rubbery texture molds to your face for the ultimate Insta moment while the detoxifying spirulina and brightening vitamin C get to work to clarify pores and improve skin's texture.


4. MILK Cooling Water Eye Patches ($22 at milkmakeup.com)

MILK Cooling Water Eye Patches

Perhaps your break has you leaving the warmth of your cozy couch to reconnect with hometown friends. Whether you're hitting up that high school reunion or all regrouping after a semester away at college, chances are a drink or two will be involved during your break. In case you find yourself overindulging (no shame!), make sure you're treating yourself the morning after to nip that hangover skin in the bud. MILK just launched the brand new Cooling Water Eye Patches to do the job. Ingredients like lavender, seawater, and aloe calm and relax skin while a jolt of caffeine helps with circulation to minimize the appearance of puffy, tired eyes. Hangover bagel and cheese optional.


5. Ole Henriksen Glow2OH™ Dark Spot Toner ($28 at SEPHORA.com)

OLEHENRIKSEN Glow2OH™ Dark Spot Toner

If you're like this editor, you plan on using your time at home as a jumpstart to those 2019 resolutions. In case on of your new year's resolutions is to up your skincare game, now is the perfect time to embrace a product that might just deliver at total skin tone and texture transformation. This brand new toner from Ole Henriksen is all about revamping and revitalizing skin via dark spot and texture refining glycolic and lactic acids as well as witch hazel. What's even more impressive, this collection of powerful ingredients boasts a reduction in the appearance of dark spots in as little as seven days. A more even skin tone by 2019? Sign us up.


How are you spending your holiday break? Share in the comments below and don't forget to leave a review of all the products you'll be using this holiday season!

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