3 New Candies to Try this Valentine's Day
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3 New Candies to Try this Valentine's Day

Will you accept this...chocolate?

Fear not, dear Influensters. Valentine's Day is still a month away. That means you have plenty of time to get the perfect gift for your sweetie—or finally tell your crush how you feel. (Cuffing season is still in full force, just saying!) But before you start breaking out the heart decor and researching the perfect products for a V-day smooch (psst we know just what to use!), turn your attention to something much sweeter and much more suited for the coupled or solo celebrator. 

Three new sweet treats just dropped at Target for Valentine's Day snacking. And no matter whether you're looking to get your chocolate fix or you prefer something fruity and sour, there's an option to appease your sweet tooth.


1. Hershey's Valentine's Day Molten Lava Kisses ($3.59 at Target)

Hershey's Valentine's Day Molten Lava Kisses

Kisses are a Valentine's staple whether you're enjoying them with your roommates while you watch 13 Going on 30 or with your SO after a night out. But the brand's newest flavor iteration might be its most seasonal and and decadent yet. The new Lava Cake Kisses draw from the chocolate classic, lava cake, and feature a liquid, syrup-like dark chocolate center enclosed in dark chocolate. We dare you to stop at the suggested serving of five.


2. Reese's Valentine's Day Love-Mojis ($3.59 at Target)


Reese's Valentine's Day LoveMojis

Reese's are like the cool guys of the candy aisle. They're always a crowd pleaser and seem to hit the spot no matter when and where you are. And, they're no stranger to seasonal launches. From Reese's pumpkins to eggs, the PB and chocolate duo are always shape-shifting to suit our holiday needs. This year, they're retaining their circular form but coming housed inside different emoji face packages. Who needs conversation hearts this V-Day? Say "UR COOL" with a 😍 Reese's.


3. Starburst Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Jelly Beans ($3.59 at Target)

Starburst Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Jelly Beans

Is chocolate not really your thing? First of all, what? Instead, opt for the very snack-friendly new Starburst Heart Shaped Jelly Beans. These adorable heart jellies come in Starburst strawberry and cherry flavoring and pink and red coloring, respectively. We're thinking these are just the perfect option to have out on your desk to woo that certain office crush.

What will you be snacking on this Valentine's Day? Share your favorite V-day treat below!