New "Totally Plastic" Collab from Iggy Azalea is Packed with 2000's Bubblegum Pop Nostalgia

Nostalgia Meets the New Classic

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

Slide on your jellies, grab your flip phone and feed your Tamagotchi, the 2000s nostalgia hits keep coming. This time in the shape of a new collab between Australian rapper Iggy Azalea and L.A.'s BH Cosmetics. "Totally Plastic" is bringing back the glittery, frosted pastels, lip-smacking glosses, and popping pigments of the early aughts. We grabbed a few minutes with Iggy herself (who is currently on tour with Pitbull) to learn what she is most excited about from this collection.

Fashion trends of the 90s and early aughts are making a comeback with Gen Z. What inspired you to lean into this throwback style with your Totally Plastic line? What about this era captured your attention?

I’ve never been able to let the nostalgia of the 2000s go, so I’m glad that everyone is on board with this now because it’s my time to shine! What I love about the y2k-aesthetic, in general, is that it almost had this ‘trashiness’ about it. Totally Plastic was inspired by the year 2004, when I was around 12, 13, 14 years old. It was ridiculous and fun. It didn’t have that elitism, and makeup shouldn’t have that feel, either.

The collection goes beyond makeup and includes a makeup sponge, travel bag, and more. Which products are you most excited about?

My favorite product in the line is the Devil Heart Mirror, inspired by a T-shirt I had when I was 13 that said ‘99% devil.’ As for the actual makeup products, the Pink Sunglasses eyeshadow palette has to be my favorite thing. I love pink. I always go back to pink.

I had that t-shirt too! You're currently touring your new album The End of An Era but plan to take a hiatus from music after that. What's next for Iggy Azalea?

I love beauty so much and have gotten into it so much more over the last decade, even more than when I was a young girl because I love to do these larger-than-life music videos and create makeup looks or always try to do something that’s new and interesting. The natural next step for me is to take that fantasy even further and start developing products within that world.

With makeup, I didn’t want to do it from the perspective of, “This is Iggy’s makeup line and it’s what Iggy likes.” It’s more about what is an interesting world, character, or narrative that I can develop that people would feel excited by, and what do those characters want to wear color-wise, what is the product? It’s been such a big exercise for me and I’ve got big ideas for more things in the future and everything’s just going larger than life right now. I was showing my Totally Plastic collection to my good friend, Lisa Vanderpump, and I said to Lisa that we should collaborate and she was like, “Yes!” We were talking about how we should do an all-pink collection because she loves pink everything.

The full Totally Plastic line includes: 

Totally 2000’s ($17 | 18€)

Three themed eyeshadow palettes offering 9-color ranges each of smooth matte to blingy shimmer finishes in a buildable, blendable, long-lasting formula. Small enough to take with you on the go, with plenty of shades to choose from once you arrive. 

  • BLUE FUR - Frosted baby blues, complimentary neutrals plus metallics.
  • PURPLE PLATFORMS - Frosted baby purples and lilacs plus complimentary neutrals.
  • PINK SUNGLASSES - Frosted baby and hot pinks, yellows plus complimentary neutrals.

Totally Snatched ($19 | 21€)

A 6-color face palette with 3 brighteners and 3 contours in a blendable and buildable baked matte. Instantly define your best features with a simple sweep of these universally flattering beiges, golds, and deep tones in velvety matte and reflective shimmer finishes. 

Oral Fixation ($14 | 14€)

Four high-shine lip glosses that promise to be juicier than your tracksuit. The doe-foot applicator provides one-swipe perfection for a comfortable, color-saturated pout with iridescent flecks that show off serious sparkle.

  • I’m Psychic - clear gloss with blue/green iridescent flecks
  • That Was Sexual - baby pink gloss with matching flecks
  • Sex Sells - bright bubblegum pink gloss with pink iridescent flecks
  • Is It 2004 Yet? - peach gloss with gold flecks

The Total Package ($29 | 29€)

An 8-piece face and eye brush set featuring blue, lavender, and pink metallic engraved handles and mixed synthetic baby pink bristles. These vegan, multi-use must-haves will pull every one of your looks together, while the accompanying wrap keeps your brushes organized.

Too Good 4 U ($9 | 10€)

Get ‘it girl’ intensity with these vegan, full-length, clustered falsies that give off extra voluminous, textured payoff. Apply with lash adhesive for comfortable all-day wear.

Stay Pressed ($7 | 8€)

No more fugly applicator sponges. Blend and conceal to perfection with this swirled baby pink and purple makeup sponge. It is multi-sided, latex-free, and plays well with liquid and powder formulas. Includes a hot pink case and cutout that keeps your sponge clean and dry between uses. 

99% DEVIL ($19 | 19€)

Check out your bad self with this glittery, lavender hand mirror that’ll frame your reflection in a majorly cute custom devil heart shape. 

Travel Case ($17 | 18€)

Pack it all up in this clear makeup bag with sparkly purple detailing and the collection's logo on the front. 

You can purchase the full Iggy x bh TOTALLY PLASTIC collection on August 29, 2021 at and 

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