New Peeps Flavors are Here in Time for Spring

Eight new flavors, y'all.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

It might not be fully spring quite yet, but our eyes and stomachs are already on the sweets that are to come as one of the biggest candy holidays—Easter—inches closer and closer. If you're like us, you associate the marshmallow-y goodness of Peeps with the spring season and candy-filled Easter baskets that join. If you're on team Peeps all the way, we have some good news: there will be eight new Peeps flavors launching this spring!

Peeps mystery

First up, expect to see three new flavors that are a total mystery. Literally. Walmart is releasing three exclusive mystery Peep flavors that only look like regular white marshmallows. You'll be able to put your taste buds to the test and share your flavor guesses with @PEEPSBrand on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #mysterypeeps. 

peeps target exclusive

Target is also getting its lineup of exclusive Peeps flavors. As far as these new flavors are concerned, they sound more like they're straight from the menu of your favorite ice cream shop. There's Lemon Sherbet and Orange Sherbet, both of which are dipped in a white fudge. There's also a Neapolitan flavor that contains both chocolate and strawberry filling. 

pancakes and maple syrup peeps

And if you're craving breakfast-flavored Peeps—because why wouldn't you?—head to Kroger's. There you'll be able to shop a Pancakes & Maple Syrup flavor of the chicks. 

peeps sour cherry

Lastly, head anywhere you regularly pick up your Peeps to scoop up a new flavor that packs a sour punch. Sour Cherry Peeps are here to deliver a tangy punch and kick your candy cravings up a notch!

You can expect to see these new flavors rolling into retailers very shortly as spring creeps up!

Which of the new Peeps flavors are you most excited to try? Share you top pick below!

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