New Home Hair Dye Kit Wants to Transform Men's Grooming

Custom Hair and Beard Color, Delivered

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

If you've got unwanted grays in your hair, or in your beard, you might be interested in checking out Cleverman, the innovative new color brand reinventing at-home grooming for men. Founded by Carlos Barreto (formerly of Revlon and Coca-Cola), the NYC-based service is officially launching out of beta today! 

Cleverman claims to be the most customized professional hair and beard color solution on the market, boasting of 10,000 possible customization options. It all starts with their online quiz to understand your hair or beard type and precisely what you are looking for. Cleverman asks about your color, texture, amount of gray and goals; then builds your best solution, customized from top to bottom. Each kit is made-to-order and addresses your individual color, coverage, tools, timing, technique and more. Kits are discreetly delivered right to your door with everything you need for a perfect result - no more standing in the haircare aisle staring at boxes. 

“Very early on I noticed that hair color solutions for men was an underserved category. Historically, men have had pretty limited options when it comes to hair coloring: Chemically-laden, one-size-fits-all boxed hair dye purchased directly from a local drugstore or recurring visits to their barber or salon, which is costly and virtually impossible right now,” says Cleverman founder Carlos Barreto.

“But we’ve since seen an increase in the number of male consumers seeking a better at-home coloring solution. This is essentially an unsatisfied market, especially when compared to the endless options that are currently available for women. Cleverman is a brand that provides an innovative solution to everyday hair color issues for men with a wide range of customizable color for the most natural-looking results.” 


The brand’s uniquely designed hair and beard dye kit features a 4-step system – which includes personalized instructions, customized latex gloves, no-drip cream color, application tools to match your needs and tailored hair or beard care – for effortless application and post-care.

Cleverman Kit

Cleverman’s kits currently ship to the contiguous 48 states (US-only) and pricing starts at $9.95 if you sign up for a recurring subscription service, which you can cancel at any time. To learn more about Cleverman, visit

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