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Incoming! New Food Launches to Check Out This February

February's food game is so strong. 

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Now that we're in the dead of winter, we fully intend on taking advantage of ski jacket weather. We're talking food, people. Delicious, sweet, savory, and addicting food. Because if there's one good thing February has to offer—it's the never-ending supply of incoming treats. From gluten-free snacks to new ice cream sandwiches, here's what you should look for in the aisles this month. 

Tell us which food you're looking forward to most! 

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Incoming! New Food Launches to Check Out This February Begin
Cinnamon Pebbles Cereal
Hershey's Valentines White Cookie Cupcake Kisses
NEW Brita Stream Hydro Water Filtration System
Dunkin' Donuts Mocha Iced Coffee Plastic Bottle
Dang Original Recipe Sticky Rice Chips
Hostess Twinkie Cone
Hostess Ding Dongs Frozen Sandwiches
Hostess Sno Balls Dessert Bars
ABC Bakers Girl Scout S’mores Cookies
Little Brownie Bakers Girl Scout S’mores Cookies
Box Appetit Eau Good! Water Bottle
Brewery Ommegang Game of Thrones Bend the Knee Beer
The Veil Brewing Co Hornswogglers with Oreos
Skinny Cow Greek Frozen Yogurt Bar Salt-kissed Caramel
Peeps Marshmallow Hearts
French's Buffalo Ketchup
SkinnyPop® Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn

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