How To Go Off the Grid for a Day

How to celebrate the National Day of Unplugging.

Kaley W.
ByKaley W.

Close your eyes. Walk with me for a moment. Imagine your life is a power strip, and each outlet represents an area of hyperconnectivity in your life. One is your laptop, constantly dinging with alerts. Another is your phone, doubling down with the same notifications while a group chat sounds off with TikTok fan theories about last night’s episode. Next, we have your Apple watch, taunting you with the promise of closing all your rings should you hit the day’s step count. The National Day of Unplugging is a campaign to balance technology use in our daily lives. The goal is to reset for 24 hours and focus on human connection instead of digital correspondence.

We know that it is a near-impossible ask in this day of remote work but here are some ways to scale back and reclaim your time without all of the notifications. 

DIY Spa Day

Your face ID won’t work if your face is behind a sheet mask! Indulge in a self-care treatment. Put on some music (in the spirit of gadget-free day, a vinyl record works best), close your eyes, and open up those pores. This face steamer provides a relaxing 10-minute steam to clear out your skin and improve blood circulation. Or, show your nails a little love with this Tweexy nail polish holder.

Make Dinner

Print off that recipe you’ve been dying to try in anticipation of going no-screens. Preparing a home-cooked meal is not only cathartic but a way to feel like you’ve truly accomplished something. Save money on delivery while practicing your chiffonade and sit down to something made with love.

Five-Minute Journal

Look inward. This journal will help you practice gratitude and set intentions. Writing down your goals will help keep you accountable, and thoughts will flow more freely without the looming temptation to check Twitter. 

Take a Bath

Ever find yourself asking should I take a nap or a bath? Now you can do both! Set yourself up with a Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow and kick back until you can’t stand how prune-like you are. Set the mood with a candle of your choice and leaf through a book once you get tired of five-minute journaling. 


All things in moderation. If you can’t quit the gadgets cold turkey, you can download apps and adjust your settings to monitor your screen time and blue light intake. The app Offtime syncs your devices to help you schedule timeouts from social media so you can set aside a ‘friends not phone’ dinner hour.

At times it feels like our phones are extensions of ourselves. While Facetimes and social media may be essential to keep you connected with loved ones, the pressure to keep up appearances online can be anxiety-inducing and detract from what’s going on around you IRL. We encourage you to take a break and be in the unpixelated present. What are your favorite ways to take a sabbatical from screens? Let us know in the comments!