Multi-Purpose Products That Double as a Trick and a Treat

SCARY good hacks!

Julia H.
ByJulia H.

The Influenster team knows our members wear many hats and juggle more responsibilities than a medieval jester. While we can’t show up at your doorstep and offer a helping hand, we *can* share some of our favorite tips and tricks when it comes to multipurpose products to help you get more done in one.

These products are truly a treat, because they have a multipupose trick up their sleeve... 


1. Stasher Bags

Keep both your purse and pantry organized with Stasher Bags. These reusable bags can be used to separate and organize your purse's contents - such as one for chargers, makeup, you name it. They’re fabulous for stashing toiletries in during travel because they both organize and seal in everything, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or spills ruining your stuff. In the kitchen, these can be used to stash leftovers in the fridge or freezer, organize snacks, and pack lunches on the go. It can even help you cook food - they’re oven safe up to 400 degrees fahrenheit, and dishwasher safe as well.

Psst... they're also rated #1 in household storage containers on Influenster!



2. Beard Dye... for Brows

Amplify your feathered, sculpted, or defined brows with color. This Just For Men Beard Dye makes the perfect dupe for your next brow tint—just as effective and often more affordable.


3. Vaseline

We already know Vaseline is great for chapped lips and dry skin, but also keep it on hand to:

  • Clean edges of tricky eyeliner and wipe away lingering traces of body sparkle from Halloween night.
  • Keep pet paws moisturized and protected
  • Prevent stains on skin from hair dye or nail polish
  • Preserve perfume scents by applying to your pulse points before spraying your fragrance. The scent will stick to the ointment longer than it will to skin!



4. Coffee Grounds

 Coffee grounds can serve up so much more than just your morning brew. Here’s a few ways to upcycle your grounds:

  1. Give your skin a wake-up call after sipping your morning cup of joe. Grab the coffee grounds, add a dab of coconut oil to create an all-natural exfoliation treatment. The caffeine from the grounds helps reduce puffiness and inflammation in skin. 
  2. Use them to fertilize your houseplants. Adding coffee grounds to soil before reporting your house plants adds organic material to the soil, aids in water retention, and adds extra essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, along with other micronutrients. Just be sure not to add too much, as they do retain water and can keep the soil too moist if over used.
  3. Use them as a scalp scrub. In some studies, caffeine has been proven to help stimulate hair growth. Combined with the exfoliation from the grinds, as well as stimulation for blood circulation, using coffee grinds to massage your scalp before you shampoo could bring along a lot of natural benefits to your locks. 


5. Mascara Wands

Getting to the end of a beloved mascara is pretty much the worst, but before you toss away your empty tube, hold onto those precious wands! Clean and rinse your old mascara wands and you can transform them into a multipurpose tool perfect for sculpting brows, taming flyaways, or fixing baby hairs. No use for them yourself? Check out how your old wands can help the treatment and care of wild animals through Wands for Wildlife.

6. Baby Powder

Found some baby powder stashed away in the back of a medicine cabinet? This common drugstore find is the perfect replacement for those expensive dry shampoos, and works just as well! Add a bit to your roots and massage the powder until the white cast has faded, and you’ve got yourself a quick, easy, and super refreshed hairstyle. If you need a recommendation, Johnson's Baby Powder is currently the #1 rated baby powder on Influenster. 


What's a multipurpose product you swear by? Share your tricks in the comments!

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