The CEO of MUBIC on Beauty in a Changing World

And how makeup can offer a much-needed outlet

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

Makeup offers a chance for creative expression and the enhancement of natural beauty. It also offers an escape from the everyday. And as we continue to practice social distancing and find ourselves spending more and more time at home, an escape is not only welcomed but necessary.

That being said, many of us have put our mascaras and eye palettes to rest, just as our jeans and heels have become closet museum pieces–once worn but now retired. Video calls are the new norm and dress codes have been tossed out the window. So, you might ask, why would a beauty brand launch amidst a pandemic?

Well as Jamie Glassman, the CEO of MUBIC – a beauty brand incubator, puts it, “We didn’t expect this [launching at the height of the pandemic]. We did delay a bit and tried to understand what was happening in the world.” Glassman and her team decided not to lose focus and debuted their new accessible color cosmetics line, called ONE CLICK b.EAUTY, exclusively on Amazon back in April 2020.

Ultimately, “We were dedicated to bringing joy and self empowerment to consumers despite what was going on. We pushed past the obstacles because we believe in bringing small moments of happiness [to our consumer] – Starting from the moment you purchase a kit, receive it in its cute packaging, and experience its high quality.”

As a mom of two little ones who has been working from home alongside her husband, Glassman sees the value in using makeup as an outlet right now. Putting on makeup, “doesn’t have to be a high artistry thing. You don’t need 20 steps to achieve a beautiful look.”

Take a look at what else Glassman had to share about the new line, her accomplished career in the beauty industry and finding small opportunities for self-care. 

You have definitely faced unexpected challenges launching ONE CLICK b.EAUTY in April. Can you share any benefits MUBIC has experienced from teaming up with Amazon exclusively throughout this time?

Despite all of the challenges, in particular with the necessary change Amazon made to only ship essential goods at that time, we’ve achieved great things on the platform as a part of the Accelerator Program. We gained things that included access to an enormous audience and reviews early on. Still there are always benefits to having multiple channels of distribution, so social media, authentic influencer partnerships and having a strong relationship with 5W [ONE CLICK b.EAUTY’s PR and digital firm] have all also been beneficial.

With so many makeup products out there, why start with lip and eye kits?

The simplest answer: You have to start somewhere and we really wanted to introduce a brand with universally flattering products. You can do that with lips and eyes; you need a much wider range for other products. Lip and eye color is an interesting place to establish yourself–from its formulation intricacies to having the ability to serve so many communities with each collection.

ONE CLICK b.EAUTY offers universally wearable shades, can you explain how important inclusivity is to your brand?

Inclusivity was at the core of our brand from the very beginning. We wanted products that would look good on anyone no matter their age, gender or skin tone. Inclusivity is in our DNA and is visually represented by the models and content creators that we work with. It’s something we’ve cared about from the beginning and will continue to [care about] no matter where we go.

ONE CLICK b.EAUTY is both US-made and cruelty-free, can you explain why these elements are important?

I believe that being cruelty free is a cost of entry today for consumers, as it should be. Consumers just expect that that is a standard. Because our kits are made in America, it ensures that our products are created with the most ethical standards, while also supporting US-based jobs. 

Your brand wants to empower women and give back. So far you’ve put that principle into practice with the buy-one-give-one donation for kits sold around your launch time. Can you share other ways you hope to support the female community?

This is something I wish I had the opportunity to talk about more often. All of our partnerships with influencers include a donation to the charity or organization of their choice. We’ve contributed to over 15 philanthropic causes so far. That’s a part of our deal – it gives us an opportunity to support issues that are important to our creator network. Through this effort we are hoping to inspire women, and people in general, to enact positive change in the world, which is key for us as a female-driven brand.

You have a background of building global beauty campaigns for the likes of Essie and Maybelline, before becoming CEO of MUBIC, What have you loved about working in the beauty industry?

Where else do you get to create so often? There were times where I left beauty, but have always come back to it. It can be an empowering category and one that really elicits self expression and meaningful conversation. I’ve always loved that instant connection that you are able to make with the consumer. It can be a serious business, but it’s also a lot of fun. There’s constant innovation which makes the industry so exciting and challenging.

Would you say that putting on makeup is a form of self-care? 

I absolutely think it’s a form of self-care. It’s so much more about the self than it is about the selfie these days. Before COVID, putting on makeup was tied to going out and taking a picture. Now I’m putting on makeup because I want to feel like myself. It’s an empowering act even if you’re the only person seeing it when you look in the mirror.

What’s your beauty routine and has it changed any in recent months?

I have a hefty beauty routine. Before COVID, I’d say it consisted of probably 25+ products in the morning, it has dropped down a bit by ten products or so. First, I cleanse, then apply serum, moisturizer and sunscreen. I almost always put on a BB cream or tinted moisturizer; I like the Garnier BB cream or NARS tinted moisturizer. Next is bronzer – either from Chanel or NARS. For brows, I like the Anastasia brow pencil or Glossier’s boy brow. I then apply my b.Active Eye Kit in The Cool Nudes or Warm Nudes depending upon what I am wearing. I use the shadow stick, liner, and mascara. Then, depending on the day, I apply either the b.Active Lip Kit in The Cool Nudes or b.Seductive Lip Kit in The Reds. I finish it off with a spritz of Mario Badescu spray, and I’m out the bathroom door and onto Zoom.

Oh, and nails! I do my own once a week – I still use Essie. 

You’ve worked for a few of the brands that you use regularly, would you say there's loyalty there?

Yes, definitely. I am a loyalist to the products and campaigns that I’ve launched and worked on throughout my career.

What’s up next for MUBIC?

We’re working on two exciting projects but neither are confirmed yet. Both are in beauty and have two very different target spaces. We see activism as the new form of influence. It’s not just enough to be a celebrity or influencer, it’s about what you stand for. The brands that we develop will have a strong position in the world, and that will be reflected through our partnerships and the kind of lines that we create.

Have you tried any ONE CLICK b.EAUTY lip or eye kits? What beauty products would you like to see next from the brand?