Move Over Cats and Dogs, Here's 5 Signs You're Actually a Fish Person

Is a pet fish right for you?

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

Have the days of quarantine and social distancing left you thinking, "Am I ready for a pet?" Companionship can really have such a positive impact on our daily lives — and a pet-in-need's life too. So, it's no wonder why many people began to foster or adopt cats, dogs and the like, while they were spending more time at home. 

According to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of US households owns a pet. With dogs as the most popular; cats, birds, reptiles, small animals, horses and fish round out the list of household companions. Now if you're a prospective first-time pet parent, you may think a fish might sound like the way to go. You don't need to walk or bathe them. They won't bark at the neighbors or get lost if they wander too far from home. But while those points may all be true, that doesn't mean that adopting a fish is any less of a commitment than any other pet. And it's also important to note that fish require a good deal of special care and know how. That being said, fish can make excellent pets especially if you identify with the traits below: 

You enjoy quiet time. The calming sound of water bubbling, swishing and filtering will likely be the only peeps you'll hear coming from your fish's tank. And if you're more of an introvert who appreciates the serene sounds and soothing lights of an aquarium, then a fish could make your perfect mate. 

You like to clean. Are you the kind of person that just loves wiping windows, mopping floors and dusting mantles? [Yes, these people do exist!] Then fish parenthood just might be for you. Fish tank maintenance is serious business. In order to provide a healthy living environment for your fish, you'll need to keep the water balanced and algae build up in check. 

You enjoy decorating. A fish owner gets to flex some creative muscles when it comes to outfitting their tank. Outside of picking fish tank accessories that can enhance your particular fish's quality of life — certain fish prefer certain kinds of reefs, rocks or caves — there's also an opportunity to have some fun, say with a Bikini Bottom tank theme, perhaps? 

You appreciate personal space. Fish won't want to cuddle with you, but they will enjoy your company and daily sprinkles of fish food and snacks. A fish parent can tend to their pet and reap the reward of knowing that their fish is content while they swim in their own clean, well-appointed tank.

You're meticulous and reliable. The tiniest of things can throw off your fish's world. Fish pet parents need to ensure things like a balanced pH level, that their fish is eating properly and behaving in a normal way. The smallest change to their environment can impact them, so it's important for fish owners to be detail-oriented and consistent. 

So, how about it? Are you a fish person after all? Have you ever owned a fish? Tell us what fish parent traits you'd add to this list!