Influensters Know the Most Popular Condiment in Each State

Are you team Nutella or more of a ranch-above-all groupie?

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Has a coworker ever looked at you weird for requesting a side of ranch when you order say pizza or fries? (*Raises hand slowly*) Or perhaps you love Nutella with a passion so great you've considered it as a name for your first born. Here at Influenster, we know there are some fierce loyalties to various condiments. And as it turns out, many are determined by region!

To get to the bottom of this, we decided to analyze the most popular condiments by each state, according to more than 50K Influenster reviews. Does your state match your taste? See below!


condiments map


Some of these findings may not surprise you: BBQ sauce reigns supreme in the South, the North East adores Euro fave Nutella, Texas loves some hot sauce, and ranch is a low key hit, well, everywhere. See below get a better breakdown of each state.

Full list of winners:


Did we get your state right? Let us know if you agree with your fellow Influensters in the comments below!

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