The New M&M's Taste Like Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This might be the best flavor yet

Excuse us for a moment, we've died and gone to snack heaven. And we owe it all to M&M's. The classic candy brand we all know and love just dropped its latest flavor to satisfy the sweet tooth of strawberry and chocolate lovers everywhere. If you're interested in broadening your snack horizons, feast your eyes (and yourselves) with the newest addition to the M&M's fam. 



M&M Strawberry Nuts are like mini chocolate-covered strawberries. Internet rumors are spreading that the fruit filling is identical to last year's limited-edition strawberry launch—except this launch has a new twist on the classic candy. A fruit-flavored layer surrounds a peanut core, while chocolate and that classic sweet-and-crunchy candy shell top it off. Delish.

When you're searching high and low at the grocery store for this candy, look for a bright-red bag and the iconic yellow M&M character holding a ripe strawberry. You can spot 'em at Walmart and drugstores like Duane Reade and Rite Aid.

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