For Him or for Her: Dior Has the Perfect Gift Idea for a Significant Other


Discover two new Dior perfumes and get yours before they’re out of stock!

Our latest VoxBox has something for everyone - a fragrance for women, the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum AND a perfume for men, Sauvage Elixir. We thought we’d introduce you to these newcomers before you read the reviews. They’re a great gift idea if you have a birthday or special occasion coming up! Or simply if you want to treat yourself, you know.

First, we have the enchanting new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. Just one spray and you’re instantly transported to a fragrant garden filled with blooming flowers. Grasse Roses, Peonies, Irises and Lilies of the Valley… The original Miss Dior is spectacularly reinvented with an extravagance of pearly fresh flowers for an irresistible bouquet perfect for every day. Plus, the iconic bow on this pretty bottle is decorated with flecks of color that bring a vibrant touch to your fragrance ritual.



Some of our lucky members have a mission: sharing the sample included in their VoxBox with someone who’d like to try the powerful new Dior fragrance for men, Sauvage Elixir. Created to capture and amplify the essence of Sauvage, the fragrance blends high concentrations of citrus, wood and spice notes for a captivating effect. Our community has already highly rated the Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette, describing it as sexy and refreshing. We can’t wait to hear what they’ll think of this new iteration, which is meant to be even more intense and exuberant.




What makes Dior perfumes so special? They’re all produced by the Dior House of Perfume, located in Grasse, in the French Riviera. The perfumer-creator François Demachy uses the raw material from the property’s gardens to create legendary compositions such as J’adore, JOY by Dior and, of course, Miss Dior. The floral tone of these scents comes from roses, and plenty of them: 300,000 flowers are needed to produce 1 kilo of rose absolute! 

Last but not least, not only are all the ingredients ethically grown, but the packaging has also been reduced. The new Miss Dior bottle is made with 30% less glass than the previous one, and even the label is printed on recycled paper—making this the most sustainable Miss Dior yet.


Who would you buy this perfume for? Do tell us about your favorite Dior fragrances in the comments!