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ByCaitlin M.

The heart of everything we do here at Influenster is our community. And we look for every opportunity to celebrate YOU, our amazing Influensters. With our new member spotlight series, we'll be highlighting a real Influenster member just like you. Up first, we welcomed local Influenster and blogger Merideth Morgan to our NYC headquarters for a fun photo shoot and interview. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! My name is Merideth Morgan and I live in Jersey City! My Instagram handle is @meridethmorgan.

I am a blogger, fashion stylist, model, and actor. I write about what it is like to be an “in-betweener” size (sizes that fall between straight size and plus size). My goal is to help bridge the gap between sizing categories and create a space for women sizes 6-8-10-12 to love their curves and be healthy while doing so. 

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a mix of feminine, edge, and sporty. One day I’ll wear a baggy pant, sneaks, and a cropped top. The next I could be in snakeskin knee-high boots and a mini dress. Statement pieces is what I’m all about like a colorful faux fur jacket or red patent rain jacket.

Tell us about your beauty routine.

My beauty routine is as quick and simple as possible. I do the same thing every day: moisturizer + foundation mixed, bronzer, blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara. That’s it! It’s not that I don’t have time for a longer routine, I’ve just found products that don’t require a lot of time. I’ve never been a huge eye makeup person but have recently been playing with eyeshadow and liner, which is a game changer + makes my hazel eyes really pop! 

What are your top three products and why?

 1. OPI Nail Polish - BABY, TAKE A VOW

Best color nail polish in all the land! For someone who is on a budget and can't get their nails done every 2 weeks like we dream of in a salon, this is literally the next best thing. I literally might be the worst person to apply nail polish. I can never "stay in the lines" and it just looks a mess, especially if I'm dealing with a rich color. 'Baby, Take a Vow' is the perfect color because, although it looks pink, it's just a lightly tinted clear coat. You don't have to be good at applying polish because you can mess up a bit, but you won' t even be able to tell! Hallelujah!! But the best thing about it is that it looks like you just got the perf mani. The color isn't saturated but it gives you an amazingly polished look (pun intended LOL). Because it's not super saturated, I can paint my nails in no time. Base coat, 2 coats 'Baby, Take a Vow', top coat and voila! Faking it until I can get to the salon ever 2 weeks! Even then, I don't think I would because I love this color so, so much!! Also, it doesn't chip!!!! You read that doesn't chip!!! I can leave this on for weeks at a time. 

Suggestions: I would totally suggest wearing this on your wedding day or everyday! It's so versatile and gives your nails a natural look. Perfect for models to show up to set with when you're asked to come wearing a neutral or natural color.   

2.     MEGABABE Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick

The ‘Thigh Rescue’ anti-chafe stick by Megababe has changed my life forever. It’s changed how I dress. It’s changed the way I shop. There are many struggles us curvy girls have, but because of this product, I can finally wear dresses and skirts again!

I have thighs, and big glorious thighs at that. Thighs that have no gap. Thighs that cause an insane amount of heat and friction. Stinging and burning. Severe pain and rashes. Thighs that cause bleeding. Thighs that cause so much discomfort that I have to resort to walking (read: waddling) with a straight face, without allowing my legs to touch while grimacing inside.

Megababe is the answer to my prayers. It's easy to use. It also comes in a mini size, perfect for your purse too! 

3.     Kiehl's Super Fluid Daily UV Defense

 Okay. Best facial sunscreen ever. This doesn't leave me greasy or smelling like sunscreen. It also doesn't leave my skin dry. It comes out very liquid-y so it makes it easy to apply. Most important thing to know, every time I've put this on I haven't burned, not once! I say that's pretty good sunscreen. It's trustworthy and I don't have to reapply.  

Runners up include:

Burts Bee’s:  I literally cannot live without this! There are lip balms and then there are Burt's Bees! Smooth, creamy, and a touch of color takes the cake on all other brands that leave a white film on my lips. I never leave home without it, and if I do, I'm devastated. I leave one in my car, in my house, in my purse. I have multiples so I never go without. 

Nubian Heritage Lotion  Coconut And Papaya: I buy products based on smell and based on smell alone and hope the product is good. Probably the wrong way to buy things, but what can I say, coconut everything!! Even coconut Clorox wipes. (I'm a coconut geek for sure). Okay, but this lotion smells like I'm on some island. It brings me so much happiness. The scent is somewhat strong and people have told me I smell really good on days I put this on! Which is amazing. The lotion also hydrates my skin really well. It's not greasy. It's nice and thick and I use it all over my body except my face. I HIGHLY recommend this if you like yummy smelling things!

Evian Facial spray: I use this all winter long. My skin gets really dry in the winter time so I use this anytime I see some flaking (around my nose and on my forehead/hairline). It's a great product because if I have makeup on, I don't want to go in with lotion or moisturizer on my dry areas because it might ruin my makeup. I literally spray on all over face and it makes the flakiness go away! This product is a super quick fix and re-hydrates my skin. 

 What do you love about Influenster? What made you join?

I love trying new products! Products that I normally wouldn’t think to try. Reading reviews is extremely helpful before purchasing a product. I now won’t buy anything without reading them!

Also, community in any sense is so important. It’s almost like a sisterhood- we all trust each other and trust the reviews and we’ve never met each other! That’s really special and unlike any other platform!

 What is your favorite fact about yourself?

I am a basketball player! I played in college and you can currently find me shooting a deep 3-point shot in a McDonald’s commercial on TV!

How do you make your voice heard on a day-to-day basis?

Leading by example. On social media and in the articles I write on my blog.

 Anything else we should know about you?

I LOVE everything coconut-scented! From haircare to body lotion… even my Clorox wipes are coconut scent!


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