This Highly Rated Wine is Only $11

We'll take three bottles.

ByCaitlin M.

If you're anything like us, you love a good wine. Now if you're really like us, you love a good bargain. Put the two together and you have one happy Influenster! That's just what you get with this very special bottle of Riesling. It's highly rated, only $11—oh and it's from Sam's Club.

Yep, the master minds over at Sam's Club must be onto something because the vino experts over at Wine Enthusiast just gave the brand's Member's Mark Riesling a score of 89 points, which for those who don't know, is very, very good. The contributing editor and expert for Wine Enthusiast says: "For a value-priced wine (especially considering its large-format bottling), this unassuming Riesling offers a bounty of juicy, fruity enjoyment calibrated with hints of minerality and revitalizing freshness." Translation: it's a yummy pick for only $11.

The Riesling is very affordably priced at less than $11 for 1.5 L (larger than most wine bottles!) and with an alcohol percentage of 9.5 percent ABV, meaning it will be suitable for that summer dinner party you have scheduled this weekend. 

This isn't the first budget wine to get some major attention. Earlier this summer a rosé from Aldi was awarded a top prize in an international wine contest. Who says you have to spend a fortune to get a quality sip these days? You can pick up the Member's Mark Riesling at your local Sam's Club for $10.50.

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