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We Tried It: An Acne Light Treatment

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I've been battling breakouts in some form or another for the better half of my life. In fact, I'm not sure I can remember a time when I didn't wake up to see a map of blackheads, speckles of whiteheads, or the hint of a pimple creeping up. (Curse you, 11-year-old-self for not knowing how lucky you were!) In my battle against acne, I feel as if I've tried everything: washes, creams, masks, pills. Now that I've reached adulthood and (nearly) put my acne day behind me, I no longer need the heavy-duty pills or the prescription creams. But I do still need a little boost to fight my eternal blackheads and the barrage of (albeit smaller) pimples that have staked claim over my chin and jaw line. 

Now, full disclosure, if you saw me on the street, you might actually think my skin looks pretty good. Well, let me tell you, it's not without work. The secret weapon I've tapped as my second in command? A tiny, futuristic flashlight-looking product: mē clear Blue Light Anti-Blemish Device.

Product: mē clear Blue Light Anti-Blemish Device ($39)

mē clear Blue Light Anti-Blemish Device

What it is: Thanks to the mystical—OK, scientific—power of blue LED light, this pocket-sized wand is an acne-fighting powerhouse. The blue light works to combat and kill acne-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin. In addition to light, the handheld device emits a subtle touch of heat (more warmth, really) that opens pores and helps the light reach more of the bacteria. Lastly, sonic vibrations increase micro-circulation to reduce swelling and inflammation. Use on cleansed skin up to three times a day, and the device claims you can see results in as little as 24 hours.

Our take: I've actually had this device for a while and let it gather a bit of dust in the back of my medicine cabinet. And now, I'm kicking myself for not immediately tearing open the packaging and clicking the "on" button. I first tried this product on a big ole cystic acne bump that wouldn't leave me the heck alone for a solid few weeks. It even got so bad that I feared it would scar. I turned to as my last resort. 

The device is incredibly easy to use. Simply press on and place the rippled flashlight-like tip to the pimple in question. The light, sonic vibrations, and touch of warmth do the rest. It even beeps after your two minutes are up. The light is not overpowering, unlike other at-home light devices I've tried. The warmth is ever so subtle and actually quite enjoyable after a long day. And the sonic pules are so slight. Although you're supposed to hold the device in one spot to treat the affected area, I find myself rubbing it all along my chin and jaw line for a mini face massage.

And the results? Yep, they're noticeable. My mammoth of a pimple shrank down to a hint of a pimple overnight. (And I only used it once before bed. Imagine if I used the recommended three times!) Being the skeptic that I am, I resolved to use this product more and on different pimple patches (sorry for the imagery) to put it to the test. The tackled those too. 

Although I would never forego a good cleanser, a solid blemish-fighting face mask, and a nourishing serum, I am, without a doubt, supplementing my skincare routine with this massager-meets-acne-killer. 

Have you tried an acne light treatment? Let us know!

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