Maybelline's New Holiday Palettes Look Like Ultimate Luxury Buys

Three palettes for the price of one? Tell me more.

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

As we inch closer to the holidays (cue panic), we're #blessed with more and more holiday beauty launches. From dazzling highlighting palettes to advent calendars for days, there are already quite a few options out there. And guess what? There are sure to be more to follow!

One of our newest favorites happen to be found at the drugstore. The newly released Maybelline holiday face and eye palettes are luxe collections that look much more costly than their $20 price tags. The new Icy Glow Eye and Face Palette and Midnight in the Park Eye and Face Palette are two brand new holiday palettes that each contain 12 eyeshadow shades and three cheek colors. 

Now, we're not sure if you're counting. But that's basically like three palettes in one. Let's talk Icy Glow first. This palette is all about this holiday's ice queen look with 12 shadows that range from silver, pale pink, taupes, and even electric denim and shimmering sea foam. As far as the highlighters, well you get a peach, pink, and gold.

icy glow palette

And for the Middnight in the Park Palette, this has warmer hues of blushing pinks, chrome bronze and copper, as well as deep plum. And if you're craving a bit more of an exotic approach when it comes to highlighter, Midnight in the Park is for you with a rosy pink, a creamy gold, and a light lavender.

midnight in the park palette

Each of these palettes is available at drugstores now—Icy Glow at Walmart and Midnight in the Park at Walgreens—for $20. These new launches come after the highly anticipated collab with Gigi Hadid and Maybelline. And just like the Gigi x Maybelline Jetsetter palette, these two palettes have upped the game when it comes to drugstore palettes. These all-in-one cheek-and-eye palettes are giving some department store luxury palettes a real run for the money.

What do you think about these new palettes? Will they make it onto your holiday wishlist? Share below!

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