10 Recipes Every Matcha Lover Needs to Try

ByCaitlin M.

It doesn't take but one stroll through the health food aisle (or even, a scroll through your Instagram feed) to see that matcha green tea has landed as the latest trendy super food. With super powers that can boost your metabolism, support your immune system, and act as an antioxidant, powdered matcha really is the health world's new golden child. 

But the Japanese staple doesn't have to stay in your tea cup. In fact, you can use matcha powder in a number of of easy and delicious recipes. From cookies to cakes and even pasta, matcha adds flavor and health benefits to your meal. Read on to see ten new ways you can use matcha.

Matcha pancakes by Diane, A Broad

matcha pancakes

Your next brunch will never be the same thanks to this fresh take on the breakfast staple. Plus, we have a feeling your Instagram will love the photogenic green hue.

Matcha granola with blueberries by 40 Aprons

matcha green tea granola

Pair with milk, yogurt, or eat alone, this flavorful granola is easy to make and is ideal for tossing in a jar for a work time meal.

Matcha mochi yogurt pops by  My Name is Yeh

matcha mochi yogurt pops

We can't think of a more refreshing treat that a popsicle and this matcha-flavored one is a must try for any dessert lover.

Matcha green tea pineapple smoothie by Feasting at Home

matcha pineapple smoothie

A smoothie is always a solid option for a post-workout treat. But the metabolism-boosting aspects of matcha make this an even better option to try!

Matcha gnocchi with ginger, orange butter, and butternut squash by Princess Tofu

matcha gnocchi

This might sound like a strange combo, but what's not to like about this fall dish?

Matcha green tea chia pudding by The Full Helping

matcha chia

This next recipe is perfect for our chia lovers (as are these!). Add some berries, and you've got a filling and healthy breakfast.

Matcha green tea donuts by A Beautiful Mess

matcha green tea donuts

These are almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Matcha mochi cupcakes by Tiny Urban Kitchen

matcha mochi cupcakes

This treat is perfect for anyone who enjoys that earthy taste of matcha but still has a sweet tooth!

Matcha green tea waffles by Fit Foodie Finds

matcha waffles

We can't think of breakfast without instantly picturing a fresh batch of waffles. This recipe delivers on all our breakfast dreams—with a matcha twist.

Matcha coconut latte by Love and Lemons

matcha coconut latte

Last but not least, a tasty latte is always a stellar option for matcha. This recipe calls for coconut milk for a refreshing and slightly sweet touch.

What's your favorite way to use matcha? Share with us below!