Are Dragons the New Unicorn?

This is so GoT

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Up until now, chances are you've only had to decide whether you are team unicorn or team mermaid. (Thank you for being quite a colorful year, 2017!)  But there's about to be another mythical creature tossed into the mix, and dare we say this is the best one yet? Ready or not, dragons are the latest magical being taking over the beauty world!

You can likely thank Khaleesi and Game of Thrones fandom for the rise of the fire-breathing reptiles. We've spotted dragon references in several fall beauty launches including the Natasha Denona Lila Eyeshadow Palette's Dragon Bite shade and a brand new highlighter from Makeup Revolution, appropriately called Dragon's Heart.

makeup revolution dragon's heart

Now, Makeup Revolution is no stranger to the world of using holographic, mythical creatures as product inspo. (Their Unicorns Unite Salvation Eyeshadow Palette is insanely popular.) But we've never seen a product solely devoted to #teamdragons. The I Heart Makeup Dragon's Heart Highlighter is a version of the brand's favorite heart-shaped highlighter that can be used on the eyes and cheeks. This glowing powder contains fiery red and gold shades suitable for any Khaleesi in the making.

As with any gradient product, you can use each color individually or swirl them together for a unique color combo. And we don't have to tell you warm hues are total fire for fall. These gold, orange, rose gold, and yellow shades are absolute musts for any #trending rosy glow.


But of course, if you're still not convinced that dragons are the new unicorns, perhaps you'd be better off sticking with team mermaid, which still is in the rainbow genre of creatures. The brand also launched a Mermaid's Heart Highlighter that's complete with aqua-inspired hues in case fire isn't your thing. But we'll let you decide which side you're on.

You can shop both highlighters right now for $8.99 at

What do you think? Are dragon's the new unicorn? Share your thoughts on this trend below!

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