Makeup Artist Tips: How to Transition Your Makeup for Summer

Make the switch!

Now that you've unpacked your sandals and retrieved your sun dresses from storage, it's time to focus those seasonal switching tasks on your makeup bag. You'd never wear a cashmere sweater in July and using the heavier makeup you wore all winter in the summer months can wreck your beauty routine faster than you can say breakout.

We consulted professional makeup artist Juliette Perreux to get a few simple tips for making our makeup routines to be summer ready.

1. Juliette's Tip: "Focus on using creams and stains instead of powder. These types of formulas are going to settle into skin easier and work with the dewiness of your skin in the heat much better than a powder will."

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2. Juliette's Tip: "Swap your full coverage foundation for a tinted moisturizer such as Laura Mercier's. No one wants to look like they have a full face of makeup on the beach! This type of product is also a one-stop shop because it has the moisture and SPF your skin needs and you'll have just one lightweight layer of makeup on."

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3Juliette's Tip: "Wear sunscreen no matter what! I love Murad's Invisiblur perfecting Shield with SPF 30. With this product, you're going get the good stuff for your skin while also smoothing and protecting. Mix this with your foundation to get a tinted moisturizer effect!"

Make the switch: Murad Invisiblur perfecting Shield, $65 at Sephora

4. Juliette's Tip:  "If your eye makeup tends to run in the summer when you're sweating and hitting the beach, you should definitely swap your regular mascara for a waterproof one."

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5. Juliette's  Tip: "If you love blush and bronzer, try it in stick form so you can take it with you whether you're headed out to dinner or the beach. I like Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moonbeach. The color is the perfect mix of bronze and blush so you only need one product to look sun-kissed!" 

Make the switch: Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick , $45 at Nordstrom

What products do you love to use in the summer? Write a review for your favorites!

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