Here's How You Can Make a Difference on World Food Day

Here's How You Can Make a Difference on World Food Day

You can make a difference!

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

With today as World Food Day, it's the perfect time to fight world hunger both internationally and in your own community. Not only is today the day we commemorate the date the U.N. created the Food and Agriculture Organization, but it is also prime time to raise awareness about world hunger and what you can do to help stop it now. Ready to see how you can help support this cause? Read on below about small ways you can make a big difference.


1. Be aware of waste.

Wasting food is a major problem across the globe. According to the FAO, the world produces enough food to feed everyone, yet, about 800 million people suffer from hunger. More startling, one third of the food produced worldwide is lost or wasted. What's more, according to the EPA, 95 percent of the food we throw away ends up in landfills or combustion facilities. Being conscious about your own personal waste can make a big impact. Even making small changes like planing meals ahead, storing leftovers properly, practicing portion control, and composting non-used waste can make a big impact.

2. Shop local.

We don't have to tell you there are serious benefits of buying local food. But shopping local farms and produce can mean less money spent shipping food cross country, less waste from lost crops, and of course tastier, fresher food! Plus, you're helping your own local farm community. And because many supermarkets and restaurants don't necessarily source food locally, doing your research about ones that do can help you make informed decisions. 

3. Volunteer your time.

Volunteering is always a great way to get involved in a cause you care about. Organizations like Feeding America are working to end hunger-relief and make food available to everyone in America. Offer up your time for a worthy org like this or a local food bank to make a contribution in your community.

4. Make a donation.

Of course, a donation is always a sure way to help out a cause. Just be sure you're making a donation to a reputable organization like the World Food Programme.


Pitching in: @KateHudson helps out in Cambodia with the @WFPUSA. #WatchHungerStop

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5. Take to social media.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of spreading the word. The FAO and WFP are using #ZeroHunger to help spread the word on social media about ending hunger across the globe. Even brands like Michael Kors are using social media to help spread the word. The Michael Kors’ Watch Hunger Stop campaign asks people to stop into their local MK store, pick up a limited edition Watch Hunger Stop t-shirt (while supplies last) and post a picture of yourself in the tee with #WATCHHUNGERSTOP in October. For every post in the tee, 50 meals will be donated to WFP! Who knew an Instagram could make such a difference?

Read here for more info on World Food Day and to see other ways you can get involved with the Watch Hunger Stop campaign, visit here.

What are some small changes you have made in your community to help support this cause?


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