We Tried an Airbrush Root Tint—And It Worked

So long, silvers.

I'm 22 and starting to gray. I know. Thank you, genetics. From root touch-up markers to tinted dry spray, I've tried it all. In fact, I'd all but given up the search until a fellow editor dropped an airbrush root touch-up on my desk. Claiming to camouflage grays as well as making hair look thicker, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Read how it measured up below. 

The product: Luminess Airbrush Brow and Root Cover Kits ($149) 

What it is: It's basically the root tint of the future. You can either use it to cover up gray hairs, help conceal thinning areas, and fill in brow lines. My area of concern: grays. I opened the kit to find a slim squirt gun-esque spray and a bottle of brown liquid formula to match my brunette locks. I poured it into the stylus cup atop the spray applicator, pulled the trigger, and airbrushed away! A mattifying coat of formula sprayed out at ease, coating every targeted strand. 

Our take: It definitely works, however, you've got to make sure you shake the bottle before using. My first try, I made the mistake by not shaking beforehand, only to leave my roots covered in an oily mess. The second time around, I shook the bottle thoroughly and found that this spray really did cover my silvery strands and made my hair look thicker. 

Bottom line: If you're an artistic sort and find a thrill in picking up an airbrush spray, you'd enjoy this experience. It does the job of concealing strands and making the roots look thicker. However, it does require you to take your time. After all, you're kind of dealing with paint-like formula and you don't want to mess up your clothes before you run out the door! 

How to do it: 

  1. Apply 2-3 drops into stylus cup

  2. Spray even light layers onto roots, avoiding creating one thick layer

  3. Add additional drops until you've reached your desired look

Colors available: Platinum, Blonde, Brown, Auburn, and Black

See my results up close:

Has anyone ever tried this product before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!