Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Oatmeal is Here!

Breakfast of champions

Ever look at your oatmeal and think meh? Well, good news–breakfasts everywhere are about to get a lot more interesting. General Mills just rolled out Cinnamon Toast Crunch Instant Oatmeal and Lucky Charms Instant Oatmeal. You may proceed to freak out. 

Cinnamon toast crunch

The products appear to be just like most instant oatmeal, but instead of adding the typical brown sugar, they come with the famous toppings from the cereals: pot of gold-shaped marshmallows and cinnamon crunch toppings. All you have to do is mix them in!

Here's the catch–they're only available in Canada as a limited-edition product for only eight weeks. And rumor has it there aren't plans yet to release the product in the US. Ugh, we know. 

If happen to find yourself in Canada, you can find them at most retailers for about $3.50.

Influenster Canadians, us Americans need to live vicariously through you on this one! We're dying to know what they taste like. Comment below if you have plans to pick one of these up at the store.



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