Oreo Love Cookies are the New Valentine's Conversation Hearts

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Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

Remember when you were a kid and the best way to get your crush's attention around Valentine's Day was to send a Valentine's Day card with characters of your favorite Nickelodeon star and a pack of conversation hearts that strategically have messages like "Too Sweet, "QT Pie," and of course, "Be Mine"?

OREO Love Cookies

Well, the days of adorable homemade Valentine's boxes and "check yes or no if you like me" notes quickly evolved into the awkward MSN message, which then transformed into the ever-so classy flirtatious text. But no more! Thanks to Oreo, we can say "thank u, next" to the flirty text and show those we like just how much we care with some flirty new Oreos.

Just in time for the big day, Oreo launched a brand new cookie that says just what you're feeling. The limited-edition Love, Oreo cookies contain a pink crème filling that the Internet is still up in the air as to what the flavor actually is. (Some say Fruity Pebbles, other say cherry!) 



(Review) Love, Oreos are out And I’ve tasted um! It’s labeled sweet and tangy cream with a chocolate cookie. At first glance, the little messages on there are great. The smell is heavy on syrup sweetness. Like a cherry but artificial berry too. And the taste is very similar. Artificial cherry/berry and a hint of citrus. If I had to compare these to anything, I’d say cherry limeade. Which I’m not a fan of, sadly. But these do fall in line with typical Valentine’s Day candy. Is this fun? Yes. Is it new/entertaining? You bet. But does it taste good? Not to me. Wha whaaa. 5/10 . . . #oreo #loveoreo #valentines #valentinesday #love #new #limited #limitededition #seasonal #oreolife #oreos #sweet #tangy #candy #cookie #cookies #merica #review #neworeos #dadbod #dadbodsnacks #dadbod

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But no matter the actual taste, the part that gets us is the adorable messaging on the cookies. Each says a cute, flirty phrase like "Let’s Twist, Dunk in Love, Dear Cupid Send Oreos, or XOXO Oreo." And each package comes with cutesie Valentine's stickers too. Honestly, who wouldn't want flirty Oreos any day?

Although you still have time to decide who you're going to share your cookies with, you can get your hands on the Oreos now for $2.99 at Target.

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