This Feel-Good, Eco-Friendly Line is Made for Your Home

Eco-friendly isn’t just for beauty!

Want to show your home and the earth some love? You’ll love our latest VoxBox, which is filled with pretty-scented products from Love Home and Planet! All their household products are made using recycled plastic and earth-friendly ingredients for innovative solutions to help us use our resources sustainably. Want to know what’s inside this VoxBox? You could get a selection of the items below, scented with some of LHP’s signature fragrance blends.



Dry Wash Spray

Think of this as the dry shampoo of your clothes. A sustainable remedy to re-wear your clothes without having to throw them in a wash, this Dry Wash Spray has an anti-odor technology that helps keep your clothes smelling fresh and looking freshly-pressed. Made with compressed air, so there’s no worry of carbon being released when you use them!

Will come in one of the following scents: Rose Petal & Murmuru, Lavender & Argan Oil, or Vetiver & Tea Tree Oil.

Dryer Sheets

Try these Dryer Sheets, infused with more than 90% plant-based softeners and regenerated wood pulp. Keeps your clothes feeling soft and prevents static…double-win! Coming in one of the following scents: Rose Petal & Murumuru, or Lavender & Argan Oil.



Laundry Detergent & Fabric Softener

Feel good wearing your clothes knowing they were washed with plant-based cleansers. This duo help fight stains, and keep your clothes feeling extra soft. Will come in one of the following scents: Rose Petal & Murumuru, or Lavender & Argan Oil.



Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes & Cleaner Spray

Need a once-over on your surfaces? These cleaners will make your home shine with an easy wipe on your counters, mirrors, tables, or sinks. Made with recyclable materials! Comes in: Citrus Yuzu & Vanilla, Lavender & Argan Oil, Rose Petal & Murumuru, or Vetiver & Tea Tree Oil.



Dish Liquid and Dishwasher Detergent Packets

A powerful plant-based cleanser that will remove any dirt or residue on your dishes in a pinch. Made with ingredients from renewable sources, and housed in bottles made of 100 percent recycled plastic, they’ll keep your dishes looking spotless and your kitchen smelling like a garden.

The Dishwasher Detergent Packets will come in Citrus Yuzu & Vanilla, or Lavender & Argan Oil. The Dish Liquid will come in the same scents, plus Rose Petal & Murumuru, or Vetiver & Tea Tree Oil!


We can’t to hear everyone’s first impressions and see those #LHPTribe pics on Instagram! Didn’t get this VoxBox? Learn how you could get one here.

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