L’Oréal Pure-Sugar Scrubs Are Here to Save Your Skin

Let these scrubs gently exfoliate your troubles away this winter season!

Winter brings a lot of wonderful things. Holiday lights, hot cocoa, mistletoe, crisp, fresh snow—we’re feeling all cozy just thinking about it! But like all great things, winter has its downfalls. If winter to you means the season of dry, flaky skin, you’re not alone. With the lack of moisture in the air and the drop in temperature, our skin naturally needs extra TLC, especially since dryness can leave skin looking rough. Although it’s important to switch to a deeper moisturizer during the season, it’s equally important to make sure you’re exfoliating your skin properly because it allows for moisturizers to better penetrate the skin's barrier. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking: won’t exfoliating dry your skin out even more? But here’s where L’Oréal Pure-Sugar Scrubs step in. Since these scrubs are made with three pure sugars (brown, blonde, and white), they will melt as you scrub, so harsh exfoliation is a thing of the past. This insures your skin is deeply, yet gently exfoliated to reveal cleansed and refined skin texture. 

Each Pure Sugar Scrub features a unique texture to effectively exfoliate yet provide an indulgent cleansing experience. The Pure Sugar Kiwi Scrub is the lightest of the three as it has a gel-like texture with real kiwi seeds and releases the refreshing scent of the Kiwi Fruit as you exfoliate. The Cocoa Scrub is buttery soft in texture with the rich, gourmand scent of the cocoa bean. The Grapeseed Scrub is made with more white sugar, which provides a slightly coarser exfoliation while releasing the sweet scent of the Grapeseed Fruit. 

Pure-Sugar Kiwi Scrub

This is the lightest of the three scrubs since it has a gel-like texture and is perfect for clogged pores! This Pure Sugar Scrub made with real kiwi seeds will help exfoliate to unclog and visibly minimize pores, and reduce shine. 

Pure-Sugar Cocoa Scrub

This scrub is buttery soft in texture, which makes it a little thicker than the Kiwi scrub. It will help nourish dryness and soften skin. 

Pure-Sugar Grapeseed Scrub

This scrub is made with more white sugar and thus provides a coarser exfoliation than the previous two scrubs. This is perfect for anyone with dull skin seeking a deeper exfoliation for a healthy glow.

Insider tip: These scrubs are a perfect fix to smooth and refine lips. While tempting, please do not ingest!

courtesy l'oreal

With these L’Oréal Pure-Sugar scrubs, exfoliation no longer has to strip the skin! Instead, your skin is left instantly transformed with softer, smoother texture. Check out the three varieties below, and tell us in the comments which version you think suits your skin best! A plus with the L’Oréal Pure-Sugar scrubs? They're trending in prestige beauty and DIY skincare right now, so you can treat your skin and stay on trend! 

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