This Plant-Based Beauty Brand is Rooted in Family Tradition and Science

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

L’ODAÏTÈS, a plant-based beauty brand that has recently become available in the US, was born from a desire to share a generational proven and powerful, yet simple, skincare regimen. Three sisters, a chemist, a pharmacist and a businessperson, teamed up to recreate their grandmother's homemade formulas for the masses. "Our grandmother immersed us in the ritual of crafting her skincare treatments – involving us in the art of selecting the fruits and flowers from our garden, teaching us the recipes, and imparting the overall knowledge of the process," says Nabila Chemillier, co-founder and CEO.

Years passed, and Nabila and her sisters never forgot about those old formulas. "Reminiscing about them, we decided to breathe new life into these skincare products. My sister Sofia, a chemist, knows how to select and integrate the best ingredients, and my sister, Alya, a pharmacist, knows the technology to formulate and produce small batches. As for me, my role is to run the business."

Above all, they wanted to preserve the essence of these formulas, "We wanted to preserve our plant-based substances in their purest and noblest form." And this is the reason why all of L’ODAÏTÈS' key active ingredients come from a cold extraction method that preserves their biological richness. 

Get a deeper look behind this innovative beauty brand and see how the importance of pure, powerful ingredients play an essential role in every formula. 

Does your sister dynamics play a role in how you work together?

Yes! We enjoy working together and reliving our wonderful memories. Our areas of expertise complement each other which really boosts our business.

Can you speak to your brand’s complete skincare regimen and how all of the products work together?

If you don’t mind, I will start with night skincare. As you know at night, face massage is very important. It helps to stimulate the night repair process of the skin. That’s why I use our makeup removal oil, Philtre Sacré. By doing so I'm telling my skin "it’s time to start your repair job." I then use our lotion Pure Merveille which helps improve the absorption of skincare products. When my skin is still a little bit moist, I rub two drops of our replenishing serum, the Elixir Bonheur, between my palms. I take a long breath of its wonderful scent before starting a five-minute massage.

In the morning, I clean my skin with Pure Merveille lotion. Next, I gently smooth my cream Ange Sensationnel all over my face, neck, décolleté, and eye contour. During cold weather, I add one drop of the Elixir Bonheur serum to boost the hydration of my skin. Every Saturday morning, I apply my radiance mask, Sève Divine, with a drop of the same serum and go to the gym for a one-hour workout. The mask is clear after application, so it can be used before any activity (breakfast, jogging, etc.).  

Can you explain why it is so special that your products contain100% natural ingredients? Would you describe your line as Clean Beauty?

Absolutely, our product line is Clean beauty.

It's completely clean – it’s intrinsically clean. The story and the spirit of our brand makes it clean from the beginning. We guarantee at least 97.5 % of natural ingredients – the percentage differs depending on the product but it's always between 97.5% and 99.9%. There are no undesirable elements at all. Our products are compliant with the “Credo Clean Standard” so there are no “dirty” ingredients as mentioned in the "dirty list" of Credo. We formulate our own products, so we know exactly what they contain.

What are some of the main ingredients within your products?

We use many desert plants. Despite the arid environment with nonstop exposure to the sun’s solar radiation, they thrive in the desert. So, they have proved time and again their unwavering capacity to repair and defend against the harshest environmental conditions. L’ODAÏTÈS is among the few (if not only) brands using date nectar. We also use Prickly Pear Seed Virgin Oil, Jojoba Virgin Oil, Desert Date Virgin Oil, Date Seed Powder, Olive Leaves Powder, Fresh Aloe Vera Juice, Moringa Virgin Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, and Neroli. The cold extraction method of the date nectar, undoubtedly, offers 360° active anti-aging properties through its multitude of powers.

Can you share the importance of scent, how it can transform and energize on its own, and how you’ve incorporated this into some of your products?

Our grandmother used to add orange flower blossom water in our baby bottles for its soothing action. This addictive and captivating fragrance has emotionally charged and nourished our memories since childhood. It is an invitation to join the senses on a journey. That’s why we keep the scent of Neroli, the essential oil extracted from the bitter orange flower, as our scent signature.

Are there any new products in the works for L’ODAÏTÈS?

Yes, we will launch an eye contour in 2021! So, keep an eye out for this product.

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Are you tempted to try this plant-based beauty line? Do you have any skincare secrets that have been passed on from your family? Let us know in the comments.